Unusual Birthday Card

Unusual Birthday Card

Looking for an unusual birthday card or maybe something a little bit quirky and different? Fed up browsing the greeting card sections of supermarkets and high street stores and still haven’t found that something just a little bit different?

I can help! With over 250 greeting cards in the Flamingo Paperie range you will be sure to find the perfect unusual birthday card. Why?

Flamingo Paperie greetings card designs are not available on the UK high street. Therefore, chances are you won’t have seen many of these designs before. That fact alone makes them unusual!

Gin Birthday Card

“When life gives you Lemons. Get out the Gin & Tonic!”

Greeting card image pictured above is code WS539 by Karen Tye Bentley.

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20 More Unusual Birthday Card Choices?

I have put together a selection of 20 more images of current greetings card designs to tempt you. Please do click on the large buttons and head to the shopping site to browse entire range at any time. Designs feature everything from Prosecco to Cream Teas, with the odd Spitfire and a few marching penguins, playful squirrels and rolling hedgehogs thrown in!

Greeting Cards cost £2 each, but you can save 20% on your order by choosing just 10 cards and then paying only £1.60 per card. Even more savings when you spend over £30 on your online order and qualify for free shipping (saving a further £3.50).

Hedgehog Birthday Card

Birthday Hedgehogs (L314) by artist Gill Roberts. I love these cute rolling hedgehogs with their butterflies, bee, dandelion heads and Happy Birthday banner.

Hedgehog Birthday Card L314

Scottie Dog Birthday Card

Scottie (FP6026) by artist Tim Mason. Adorable little Scottie dog birthday card. If you love dog and puppy themed greetings cards click here to see more unusual birthday card ideas.

Scottie Dog Birthday Card FP6026

Llama Birthday Card (not Alpaca Birthday Card)

No Probllama (FP5006) by artist Carla Koala. So, It’s your birthday and you love llamas (or alpacas), then this is the card for you to send or receive. Fun play on words, cute illustrations, both common features of the range of humorous cards in the range from Flamingo Paperie. Click here to see even more funny greetings cards.

What’s the Difference between an Alpaca and a Llama?

It is easy to confuse a llama with an alpaca as they do look similar and are closely related and both originate from South America. A key difference is in the size because an alpaca weighs around 150lbs whereas a llama will be over 400lbs. Alpacas have soft, luxurious fleece compared to the heavy coarse fleece of the llamas. If you can’t get close enough to touch their fleece and are not sure about the size try taking a look at the shape of their ears. llamas ears look more like a long banana compared with the shorter spear-shaped ears of alpacas.

Llama Birthday Card FP5006

Prosecco Birthday Card

Prosecco birthday card (FP5014) by artist Sophia Coleman. Someone you know loves prosecco and it makes them fabulous and it’s their birthday or not and you just need the perfect card to send them a message. Well here is, “Pass me the Prosecco and watch me get fabulous”.

Fabulous = bright pink background with gorgeous gold foil lettering!

Click here to see even more alcohol greetings cards.

Prosecco Birthday Card FP5014

Car Mechanic Birthday Card

Birthday Car greeting card (DC75) by artist Laura Stone. Ideal birthday card for car enthusiasts or car mechanics?

Greeting card design is die-cut meaning the outline is cut from one piece of card and when folded to stand up the design pops up! So it’s a pop-up car greeting card with a difference.

Car Enthusiast Mechanic Birthday Card DC75

Football Birthday Card

Large example of a Football Birthday Card (LS42) by artist Alison Hullyer. Ideal birthday card for football fans or coaches?

The Football greeting card design is die-cut so the card follows the outline of the design, in this case the football.

There are many more sport themed greeting cards in the range: rugby, golf, football, cycling, running, walking etc.

Keep scrolling I promised you 21 unusual birthday card designs!

Soccer Football Birthday Card LS42

Penguin Birthday Card

How adorable is this group of marching penguins on this penguin birthday card? To be honest it doesn’t say birthday anywhere on the design even in the description, So, if you know someone who loves penguins then send them this unusual greeting card any day of the year! Marching Penguins is a new design from the talented hands of regular artist Alison Hullyer. The card outline follows the shapes of the penguins and has 6 penguins in total when folded open for display on a shelf or mantel.

There are many more animal themed greeting cards and unusual birthday cards in the Flamingo Paperie range: squirrels, hedgehogs, elephants, dragons, rabbits, dogs, cats, flamingos, ducks, chickens, dinosaurs,etc. plus there are also birds, bees and butterflies!

Penguin Birthday Card FP7004

Red Squirrel Birthday Card

How wonderful is the artwork on these cute red squirrels. Each of the 8 red squirrels on the squirrel birthday card by Amanda Loverseed depicts an aspect of their busy lives. This design again doesn’t actually say birthday so could be used for any occasion you want to send a squirrel greeting card. This red squirrel design is a large card at 152x152mm or 6x6″

Did you know that there is a stronghold population of red squirrels in Northumberland? Sadly, the introduced grey squirrel has out competed the native red squirrel in most other areas if the UK.

There is a grey squirrel featured on the pop up woodland animals greeting card in the Create-A-Scene range. You will find squirrel with his owl, fox and rabbit friends celebrating a birthday party in his woodland tree house.

Cost reminder: Flamingo Paperie greeting cards cost £2 each. But you can save 20% when you choose 10 or more, that’s £1.60 per card with discount applied. Spend over £30 on your online order and get free shipping (saving a further £3.50) in the UK.

Red Squirrel Greeting Card FP6023

Need a Hiking Birthday Card? Try this Walking Bag

ENLARGE image to view the details that Amanda Loverseed puts in to her greeting card designs. Love the colours, artwork and shape of this fabulous walking bag design. If you would like to see more by Amanda Loverseed you can browse the range online by artist.

Keep scrolling I promised you 21 unusual birthday card designs!

Walking Bag A254

Pink Flamingo Birthday Card

What would a new greeting card company be without at least on Flamingo Birthday card? Well there are a few designs in the Flamingo Paperie range featuring flamingos. Take a look? The design featured below is called: Pink Flamingos and has order code FP6008. Card is a generous 152x152mm :6x6″ and is the work of artist Laura Stone.Check out the full range of Flamingo designs including note cards and gift wrap on my Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner website.

Flamingo Birthday Card FP6008

Spitfire Card

Fabulous Spitfire Card! What more can I say, it’s pop-up, but don’t worry it folds flat for posting with a large envelope included to protect the outline shape and design. This is a large design being 8 1/2 x 6 1/4″ : 214 x 159mm.

Although Flamingo Paperie designs are not available on the UK high street there are a number of small niche retailers in New Zealand and Australia who have sought permission to stock some of the designs. For example the Air Force Museum arranged to stock this Spitfire card design and a few other relevant designs e.g. poppies for remembrance days, in their gift shop in Christchurch.

If you would like more information about the wholesale options available within the UK and worldwide please visit Business Customers or send me a message.

Spitfire Card DC71

Cream Tea Greeting Card

I was born in Cornwall and grew up in Devon so I love real Cornish pasties and Cornish & Devon cream teas!

This is the perfect and most unusual birthday card that I would love someone to send me! Now if I can just persuade the designers to produce a pasty card I’d be even happier. Brussel sprouts keep appearing in the Christmas range, so it’s not beyond the realm of reason to dream about pasties 😉

There are many more birthday cakes, cupcakes and chocolates on various greeting and birthday card designs in the range. With over 250 designs to choose from I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one. Don’t just buy one at £2 each though, choose 10 and you’ll pay only £1.60 per card due to the 20% discount applied at checkout. Go further and choose 19 cards and you’ll pay no shipping fee either!

Cream Tea Greeting Card A235

Tractor Birthday Card

Nine tractors feature on this tractor birthday card. Perfect for farm themed birthdays, collectors of tractors or just because you love tractors! The design doesn’t have the words Happy Birthday printed anywhere and like all Flamingo Paperie greeting card designs is blank on the inside. Therefore the cards can be personalised for many occasions including fathers day for example.

Tractor Birthday Card S283

Inspirational Greeting Cards

Shine Bright Like A Diamond is just one of the inspirational greeting cards in the Flamingo Paperie range. Quotes, design and illustration combine for the perfect greeting card to inspire someone. Or send just to let them know you are thinking about them. Offer support, show them you care and send a little inspiration through the post with a greeting card. So much more than a text message or email! The bright purple background really sets a timeless and classic background for the luxurious gold foil lettering and diamond image.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond Inspirational Greeting Cards FP5013

Bon Voyage Cards

I am a big fan of the Cut Thru range of greeting card designs from Amanda Loverseed. So much fun and detail is packed in to these designs. You may have seen some of her previous designs fro Phoenix Trading released as embroidery kits with Bothy Threads. Under bon voyage cards I can share with you Cut Thru’ Camping Adventure and Cut Thru’ Cruise Ship. Amanda incorporates her signature snails in to each design. I suggest you enlarge the image by clicking, if you want to find them all!

Bon Voyage Cards camping trip
Bon Voyage Cards Going on a Cruise

Fun with…

Science Birthday Card

A fabulously fun science greeting card by artist Helen Smith. Over  the years there have been many designs in the Fun with… range. Visit website to see current range and order,


Running birthday card
Fun With Science Birthday Card

Top Tip: Click greeting card images to view details

Running Birthday Card

Greeting card for joggers, marathon runners etc.

For more funny greeting cards click link.

There’s just a few more unusual birthday card designs in this post. Click BUY NOW buttons to view entire current range!

Kingfisher Greeting Card

An absolutely wonderful stream scene with a Kingfisher by Kate Green. For more unusual birthday card designs with wildlife or animals please check out my other posts. Or skip that step and go straight to ordering online if you’re in the UK.

Kingfisher Card
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