Phoenix Trading released a special offer pack of thinking of you greeting cards just perfect for Thinking Of You Week. I am sharing their designs with you in this post and also delving into the power of a greeting card. Hence, the reasons behind Thinking of You Week that was launched by the Greeting Card Association to basically start a ‘wave of happiness’ across the UK!

Feel free to read the whole post, grab a cup of tea or glass of wine if you have time. Or simply jump down to the designs or areas that interest you using the links in the table of contents below.

What is Thinking of You Week?

Thinking of You Week was started by the Greeting Card Association in September 2013. Since then it has been scheduled to be the last week in September each year. The aim is for everyone to send thinking of you greeting cards to someone every day for a week. Why? Because they wanted to highlight the emotional power associated with sending and receiving greeting cards.

Why should you get involved in Thinking of You Week?

Everyone in the greeting card industry from artists and publishers to Independent Phoenix Traders like myself already know about the power of receiving and sending handwritten messages. Although ecards and messaging via social media have all increased in popularity in recent years, nothing beats receiving a ‘real’ card in your letterbox.

Sharon Little who is the chief executive of the Greeting Card Association firmly believes that the five minutes spent writing and sending a card can raise the spirits for hours. Maybe even days for both the sender and the receiver. Now there is scientific evidence to prove that the benefits are real and measurable! According to Dr Lynda Shaw who is a cognitive neuroscientist the feelings of positivity generated by receiving greeting cards are exceptionally good for promoting overall health and wellbeing.

How can you take part in Thinking Of You Week?

It is easy to be part of the wave of happiness which will sweep the United Kingdom during Thinking of You Week!

“Send a card a day to create a wave of love, caring and happiness”

By purchasing a Thinking of You Greeting cards pack from Phoenix Trading you will be contributing £1 per pack to Mind to support their work in improving mental health in our communities. Follow the tag #sendingcards on social media to see what everyone else is up to!




WS348 Good friends are like stars...
Thinking of You Greeting Cards
S227 Path to Happiness Thinking of you greetings cards
WS446 Thinking of you and sending a smile
WS443 Fabulous You Greeting Card
WS408 Bicycle in the Meadow greeting card
A208 Butterfly Tree greeting card
A212 Bluebells greeting card

When is Thinking Of You Week?


In 2016 Thinking Of You Week is scheduled for 26th September to 2nd October


Even Royal Mail is supporting Thinking Of You Week this year, sadly not with cheaper postage rates. Royal Mail have created a special postmark which will be printed on all stamped mail during Thinking of You week in 2016.


thinking of you week royal mail post stamp




The wording of the stamp is “It’s Thinking of You Week! Send a card to raise a smile!


As the popularity of Thinking of You Week continues to grow more retailers are getting on board with promotions.


Phoenix Trading released a pack of perfect designs with a great discount for already fantastic value greeting cards.


Individual greeting cards cost £2 each but when you choose more this is reduced to just £1.60 a card! Save







thinking of you greeting card sending a smile

What thinking of you greeting cards are in the pack?


Seven Thinking of You greeting cards: 6 greeting card designs from the current range plus one design released early specifically for this promotion.


*designs may be substituted should they be sold out.


If you are reading this post and the pack is unavailable – don’t miss out on future special offers from Phoenix Trading. Register to receive my lovely, colourful email Phoenix News newsletters. Never miss out on a special limited edition offer again!



Sending a Smile
thinking of you and sending a smile greeting card

Thinking of You & Sending A Smile (WS447)


How delightful to be able to send a smile through the post. Thinking of You and Sending a Smile has been designed by artist, Victoria Wilkinson.

I love the simple brown background and the use of different fonts and pastel colours.

At first I missed the ‘a’ before the Smile as I was distracted by the little blue flower used as a dot for the i in smile! Am I the only one?

The card itself measures 5 x 5″ : 127 x 127mm and comes with a white envelope.

To order this design for £2 use code: WS447 and visit my Phoenix Trader website.

All of the Thinking of You greeting cards are available for single purchase – choose 10 or more and pay just £1.60 per card instead of £2.00.

Butterfly Tree
Butterfly Tree greeting card

Butterfly Tree Card (WA208)

Butterfly Tree is just such a cute greeting card design. I love the four words written in a lovely script hidden in among the butterflies. Can you find them?

  butterfly   flutterfly    flowers   beautiful

Also, the butterflies are so pretty they almost look like bows have been tied to the tree branches using colourful ribbons.

Butterfly Tree by artist Kim Anderson can be ordered using code A208 for just £1.75

This card measures 7 x 5″ or 178 x 127mm.






Bicycle in the Meadow
Bicycle in the meadow greeting card

Bicycle in the Meadow (WS408)

Just for you is this delightful Bicycle in the Meadow

Looks like someone was collecting flowers from the meadow to add to their bicycle basket. In addition I think the pretty artwork for the flowers and butterflies contrasts really well with the black and white bicycle outline.

You too can add this whimsical image to your greeting card collection.

Order code: WS408 for £1.75 if not buying a ‘Thinking of You Pack’

The Phoenix Artist for this design is Lorraine Duff

Size: 5 x 5″ or 127 x 127mm




Good Friends Are Like Stars

Good Friends Are Like Stars…(WS348)

Such a beautiful sentiment for friendship expressed in this greeting card design by regular Phoenix Artist Lucy Smith.

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are there.

Two little girls sitting atop a large star surrounded by smaller stars holding hands with a heart to illustrate friendship bonds is lovely.

CODE: WS348 to order for £1.75 and size is 5 x 5″ or 127 x 127mm

For extra special effect with the stars this design has the Phoenix flittering treatment which means ‘glitter added’ to enhance specific details or areas within a design.





bluebells thinking of you greeting cards

Bluebells (A212)

Bluebells always remind me of springtime in Cornwall and Devon where I grew up. Such a pretty and delicate little flower. We used to walk in woods where the ground was just covered in bluebells and everywhere you looked was beautiful shades of blue and purple. Blue and purple are still my favourite colours.

To add this to your collection visit my website and type ‘bluebell’ into the search box or code A212. Purchase price is £1.75 unless you choose 10 or more designs, same or different in which case you only pay £1.40 per card.

Design by artist Helen Clarke on a Size: 7 x 5″ : 178 x 127mm greeting card.



Fabulous You
Fabulous You thinking of you greeting card ws433

Fabulous You (WS443)

What a fabulous selection of descriptive words to inspire confidence in the receiver of this greeting card design. Just perfect for Thinking of You Week!

Lovely, special, fun, beautiful, brilliant, clever, awesome, thoughtful, kind, super, delightful, smart, caring, brave, funny, bright, strong, happy, unique, amazing, charming, generous, positive, wonderful, confident, interesting, FABULOUS YOU!

I have a few friends going through hard times at the moment and I know receiving this greeting card design in the mail would really lift their mood.

Card is a compact Size: 5 x 5″ or 127 x 127mm for £1.75 by Artist: Sophia Coleman and the code is WS443.



S227 Path to Happiness Thinking of you greeting cards

Path to Happiness

Think happy thoughts and take time to smell the flowers! The path to happiness is one you can choose everyday. Don’t let the not so good moments spoil a whole day. Life is for living and motivational greeting cards can really help someone feel better.

Think about who you could send a Thinking of You greeting card to today. Get a card, write it, stamp and post it! See took just a few minutes from your day to make someone you care about happy. Do it again and again! Because you don’t have to wait for Thinking of You Week or Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or their birthday to send them a heartfelt message.

Path to happiness was commissioned for Thinking of You Week from artist Sophie Webber and was not available to order separately initially. Now you can buy this design for £2.00, just use code: S277 to order this 5 x 5″ or 127 x 127mm card.

What Is A Card?

A card is so much more than a card! Quite simply it is more than a design printed on card and chosen for a birthday or for Mother’s Day. Sending a card to someone you care about ‘Just Because’ is something really special. Brighten up their day by sending them a message for no reason other than you were thinking about them.

You can say sorry, send love, offer congratulations on getting a promotion or passing a driving test for example. A card can let someone know that you miss them and that they are important to you.

Greeting cards are not just for birthdays! Phoenix Trading greeting cards are all blank inside so you can personalise your favourite design for so many different people and occasions. Some designs do have appropriate text on the front for birthdays, weddings and sympathy for example.

Ding you’ve got mail!

A card is so much more rewarding to open than just another bill or advertisement. Even better if it’s not you’re birthday or Christmas and someone took the time to sit down and write a message just for you. Five minutes out of your busy schedule each day is all it will take to sit and write a short note in a greeting card to someone you care about. Maybe you have been meaning to ring them or reply to that text message or email?

Be a part of the wave for Thinking of You Week.

Can you imagine how the United Kingdom or the World would feel if everyone received a card in the mail every day during this special week? Spread the word and a whole lot of love and happiness!

I remember when electronic messaging was just getting started, I used to send messages from one computer screen to another whilst logged into the University server in Finland. Black screens, green text you get the idea! Oh how time has moved on and at such a crazy fast pace.

Find the perfect greeting card and personalise it for any occasion

I have been a Phoenix Trader for over 5 years. The best part about my ‘job’ is being able to help a customer find the perfect card for any occasion. Our cards are blank inside so you get to select the greeting card that suits their personality or their hobbies for example. You can then personalise the inside with a heartfelt message from the heart. The exception is Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards as most of those come with printed messages in them to save you time writing that enormous Christmas Card list! 

Greeting Card Design Ideas

For greeting card design ideas you can visit my website and type in your keyword to the search engine e.g. cat and let the magic happen! Or keep browsing on my blog here as I keep adding new posts all the time. There are many more options than those cards outlined here to use as Thinking of You greeting cards. Inspiration, friendship, sympathy are all viable designs to show someone you care about them.

I remember one time being at a market and a lady was flicking through my card boxes clearly looking for inspiration. Obviously I asked if I could help. She said she had been looking everywhere for a card with frogs on because her friend loved frogs. It just so happened that I did have an old greeting card design with frogs on that I had acquired from a retiring trader and it was just perfect. Result was just one more delighted Phoenix customer.

To conclude, please pick up a pen, choose one of your thinking of you greeting cards and think about someone you have been meaning to catch up with and write to them. Just do it right now today!

thinking of you week banner
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