Sorry For Your Loss Cards

sorry for your loss cards sympathy bereavement condolences thinking of youOne occasion when many people send a greeting card is to express sympathy for a loss. It can be a very difficult time for everyone involved. and equally hard choosing a card and then trying to find the words. You could spend hours in the card store reading all the sorry for your loss cards messages trying to find the perfect card. How do you choose a card that’s just right for the occasion.

Alternatively consider a greeting card from Phoenix Trading. We have a huge selection, over 400 designs, with 4 to 5 new design releases each year.

Granted all 400 designs are not bereavement or sympathy cards, however you may find the perfect floral or butterfly card! As an Independent Phoenix Trader I often say that I have a card for every occasion and every person!

All Phoenix Trading greeting cards are blank on the inside so you get to choose your design and personalise. Whatever the occasion you will be able to find a design to suit.

Cards cost £2 each (you can reduce the price per card to £1.60 buy choosing 10 or more cards)

Buy 10 cards and save 20%Save



WS246 With Sympathy card
WS362 Thinking of you card blue flowers butterflies
WS181 White Iris With Sympathy card

No.1 card sending nation in the world!

In the United kingdom we are a nation of greeting card senders. On average we send over 50 cards per person each year! Birthdays, weddings, valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s day and of course Christmas! We send cards to congratulate people on their new babies, passing their driving test, graduating from university etc. Sometimes it is nice to just send a card to say nothing more than, “I was thinking about you today!”

With sales of £1.6 billion each year, the UK is the number one card sending nation, per capita, in the world!

Now, I would like to share some more images of bereavement cards from the Phoenix Trading range.

Disclaimer: at the time of writing this post all these designs were available for purchase. To allow new designs in to the range each year some designs become discontinued and are removed from sale. Apologies if the design you want is no longer available. Please browse the range online and make your choice.

WS246 With Sympathy card
WS362 Thinking of you card blue flowers butterflies
WS181 White Iris With Sympathy card

Floral Bereavement Cards

White flowers such as an iris or lily tend to be the favoured choice of flowers for a bereavement card. Whilst other flowers are often chosen for funerals, maybe the deceased favourites, lilies and irises are popular choices. Additional images for condolences cards feature birds flying in the distance or butterflies. Colours are usually subdued rather than bright and garish. Pastel blues and white are common choices by artists. Other flowers and plants suitable for bereavement include: gladioli, carnations, chrysanthemums, roses, peace lily plant, orchid plant, hydrangea plant, daffodils and tulips. You will find these flowers feature on sorry for your loss cards frequently.

The three designs below are examples of floral cards that can be used as sorry for your loss cards, a thinking of you card or bereavement. Phoenix Trading cards have a unique code and description for easy identification and ordering. Type the code into the search box on my Independent Phoenix Trader website to see if the design is available. Alternatively you can search under greeting cards for sympathy or occasions cards. If you need help, please message or email and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Phoenix Trading range.

  • A172 With Sympathy
  • L153 Calla Lilies
  • A168 Sympathy Flowers

A172 With Sympathy card White lilies
L153 Thinking of you Calla Lilies
A168 With Sympathy flowers card

Thinking of You Cards

Sometimes it is appropriate to send a card just to say, “I’m thinking of you” or “Our thoughts are with you” Here are a selection of thinking of you cards with text on the main image. Cards are still blank on the inside for your personalised and heartfelt message to fit the situation. Thinking of you phrase cards are perfect sorry for your loss cards.

Remember cards are £2.00 each unless you buy 10 or more to reduce the price to just £1.60 per card (save 20%).

WS458 thinking of you daisies card
bulk sympathy cards
WS355 tree of thoughts thinking of you card

Sympathy Cards for Mother

It is hard to lose your parents, your mother who brought you into this world means so much to you. How do you express your thoughts when a friend or colleague has had to say goodbye to such an important person in their lives. You may feel that a sympathy card with flowers or one that says Thinking of You is not enough. Perhaps butterfly cards, beautifully illustrated by our talented Phoenix Trading artists may be more suitable as sorry for your loss cards.

What is the symbolism of butterflies and death?

There are many tales from different cultures around the world about butterflies and their association with death and re-birth.

  • Are butterflies angels?
  • Could butterflies be messengers from the spirit realm?
  • Are butterflies the souls of the recently deceased?

“The caterpillar dies so the butterfly could be born. And, yet, the caterpillar lives in the butterfly and they are but one. So, when I die, it will be that I have been transformed from the caterpillar of earth to the butterfly of the universe.” – John Harricharan

It is because of the process of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, that much mystery surrounds butterflies.

Many guests at funerals report seeing a butterfly and feeling a sense of peace that the deceased has moved on from the earthly realm.

WS361 thinking of you butterfly sympathy card for loss of mother
A208 thinking of you butterfly tree card
WS454 thinking of you butterfly sympathy card for loss of mother

Sympathy card for loss of a child (son or daughter)


WS354 White Butterfly Sympathy card for child

In Ireland in 1600 it was illegal to kill a white butterfly. Why? Because white butterflies were believed to be the souls of deceased children.

This stunning white butterfly card, based on this belief would be a perfect choice to send in the very sad case of the death of a child.

I can only imagine how hard it would be to lose one of my four children. My heart breaks just a little thinking about the intense depth of the sadness. If you cannot find the words to write, perhaps this suggestions will help?

‘Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.’

Sympathy Card for a Child


WS464 Big Hug Card

There may well be an occasion where a child loses a parent and you need to choose a suitable card to express your sympathy.

Sending a big hug card may be suitable, especially if you can’t travel to give them a comforting hug in person.

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”
“The death of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her.”

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.  Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” – Native American Proverb


Sympathy Card for Loss of Father

When someone you know loses their father it can be hard to pick out a suitable sorry for your loss card from all the florals and butterflies. As an alternative you can find a card with an image that is perfect for that father, that being blank inside you can personalise.

If they were a keen gardener or fisherman for example – an art card could be well received. Perhaps the son or daughter might even consider framing the greeting card design in memory of their lost father.

A poppy card could be a great choice if the father happened to be a war veteran or died in service of his country (equally for service mothers).

Here’s a couple of examples of greeting cards for men that would make suitable sympathy cards in some situations.

A106 Having a rest sympathy card for father male man
WS473 Just a little note sympathy card
WS417 Coastal poppies sympathy card for loss of father

Sympathy Cards for Pets

WS310 Pets Greeting card pet sympathy card

WS310 Pets Greeting card pet sympathy card

Losing a pet is like losing a family member. They spend years being companions and their loss is felt deeply by the entire family.

Sending a sorry for your loss card to someone you care about when they lose a pet is a very thoughtful gesture.

This greeting card design covers a few pets and below you will find images suitable for cats, dogs and horses.

Greeting cards cost £2.00 each (£1.60 when you choose 10 or more)

Order online in the UK from my Independent partner shopping website.

Cat Sympathy Card Ideas

ws241 cat sympathy card

Order code: WS241 Cats (£2.00)

Although none of these cards say sorry for your loss or specifically refer to the death of a cat. I do believe they capture the nature of cats and are therefore suitable for sending as a condolences card on the loss of a beloved pet. Maybe you will trigger some happier memories of the antics of the deceased cat when the receiver opens the card and reads your message.

“The footprints our feline friends leave can run deep in our hearts. My deepest sympathy for the loss of your cat, friend and family member.”

“Take this time of grief to look back on happy memories and reflect on what a truly amazing companion you had.



L275 Lazy Cat Days greeting card

L275 Lazy Cat Days




Sympathy Card Ideas for Dogs

WS388 Rolo and midge dog sympathy card

WS388 Rolo and Midge greeting card

Although none of these cards say sorry for your loss or specifically refer to the death of a dog. I do believe they capture the nature of dogs and are therefore suitable for sending as a condolences card on the loss of a beloved pet. Maybe you will trigger some happier memories of the antics of the deceased dog when the receiver opens the card and reads your message.

“To lose a true friend is never easy. Know that you are in our/my thoughts.”

“With deepest sympathy. Our best friends are still with us, they live in our hearts, our thoughts and our dreams.”

l274-lazy-dog-days greeting card

L274 Lazy Dog Days




Equine Sympathy Card Ideas

ws383 equine sympathy card horses 12

WS383 Horses greeting card (blank inside)

Horses and ponies make wonderful companions. Losing them can be very upsetting for the owners.

Sending a card with a heartfelt message of condolence is just one way you can support someone’s grieving.

We have a few horse designs in the Phoenix Trading range – take a look and see what you think. Remember they are blank inside. I specifically haven’t included any horse and pony birthday cards in this post. Click the link to view those designs in a separate post.

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom Sharon Ralls Lemon

Veterinary Sympathy Card Ideas

GP04 Little Puppies notecards

GP04 Little Puppies notecards £10.00

As well as all the pet themed greeting cards that Phoenix Trading offer you could also consider these cute puppy notecards as veterinary sympathy cards.

The boxed presentation pack contains 30 notecards. There are 2 cute designs with puppies peeking over the top of the notecards.

Pack contains: 15 of each of the 2 designs with ribbed kraft brown envelopes as pictured.


GP04 Little Puppies notecards (pack of 30 notecards)

Price: £10.00

Size: 4 1/2 x 4 1/2″ : 115 x 115mm


If you are a veterinary business or other small business e.g. cat or dog kennels for example in New Zealand or Australia please check out the information on how you can become a wholesale stockist of the Flamingo Paperie range. A business opportunity is available internationally outside of the UK and France but different conditions apply. Message me for details and registration information.





Sympathy Acknowledgement Cards

B025 Doggie Thank You sympathy acknowledgement card

B025 Doggie Thank You

This simple Doggie Thank You mini gift card would make a perfect sympathy acknowledgement card on the bereavement of a pet dog.

Or you could consider any of the range of thank you greeting cards priced from 90p to £1.75 (Buy x10 RRP £1.75 cards for £1.40 each – save 20%)

B025 Doggie Thank You

Price: 90p

Size: 3 1/4 x 4 1/4″ : 83 x 110mm

The Dog Thank You postcards (order code: TY94) pictured below are sold in a pack of 10 for £4.50 and come with white envelopes, Notecards are 5 x 7″ : 127 x 178mm.

ty94-thank-you-dog-postcard-notecard sympathy acknowledgement

TY94 Dog Thank You Postcard (pack of 10) PRICE: £4.50




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