Lots of Birthday Cards with Horses on them to choose from!


UPDATE: Phoenix Trading is no more (you’ll have to read some other posts on my blog!). However, Flamingo Paperie is the NEW GREETING CARD BUSINESS and I’m a part of that as an Independent Flamingo Partner. Click the big button to see the current range. Top Tip: type horse and/or pony in the search bar to pull up current designs with an equestrian theme. Plus remember to sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on the new design releases and special offers!


Horse Greeting Cards

WS383 Horses Greeting Card

Pictured right is just one of the horse greeting cards available in the Phoenix Trading range. During the 5 years I have been a trader I have seen different pony and horse birthday cards come and go. The company gets the copyright licence from the artist for 3 years. So you won’t see this design anywhere else in the UK as a greeting card.

New designs are released 4 to 5 times a year and there has always been a number of equestrian birthday cards to choose from. I remember pony party invitations too, so I do hope we get a new design soon! Sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on the next product release.

Flamingo Paperie greeting cards are blank on the inside, So, unless it actually says ‘Happy Birthday’ on the front you could use for any occasion where you would like to send horse greeting cards. Even use them as equine sympathy cards or horse thank you cards when appropriate.

Pricing for UK horse birthday cards is easy. Flamingo Paperie greeting cards cost just £2.00 each. . See my  website for buying as this is just a blog!

You can save 20% buy choosing 10 greeting cards from over 400 designs and pay just £1.60 per card.

Customers can buy from the Phoenix Trading/Flamingo Paperie range of birthday cards with horses on them by clicking the big button below!

In addition you can see more equestrian greeting cards, including some cute and funny horse cards by simply scrolling on down!.

My Pony Greeting Card T31

One of the funny horse birthday cards to choose from!


The struggles are real! Very cute illustrations in this pony greeting card I am sure you can agree? There is no text to suggest it can only be used as a birthday card. Perhaps someone you know just received their first pony? You could send them a thoughtful message and wish them well.


Artist for this funny horse card is Kate Garrett and the card is sized at 9 x 2″ : 236 x 64mm. All Phoenix Trading products have a code and title to make ordering easy. Customers can type a code or keyword into the search box on my trader website to find products quickly. e.g. the code for the design above is T31 and the card is titled My Pony. Price is £2 per card.

A814 Pony Stuff Greeting Card

Pony Stuff Greeting Card!


Ponies and horses need a lot of gear and care along with a whole heap of love from their owners!


I do love this design with all the pony paraphernalia!


Artist for this cute pony greeting card is Kate Garrett again and the card is sized at 7 x 5″ : 178 x 127mm.


The code for the design above is A184 and the card is titled Pony.Stuff.


Price is £2 per card.

A213 Pony Girl Birthday Card

Pony Girl Birthday Card!


Now this horse greeting card design is designed for a birthday girl who loves ponies. Consequently, “Birthday Girl” is written on the front of the card as part of the artist design. The card is called Pony Girl Birthday. Title is also printed on the back along with the identity code for ordering: A213. Cost is £2, but remember you can save by choosing a minimum of 10 cards to reduce price per card to £1.60.


Each pony greeting card is supplied with a white 100 gsm envelope and is blank inside. You could even use this design to invite guests to a pony party. Helen Brindley is the artist for this horse birthday card design and it is our most popular size of greeting card at 5 x 7″ : 127 x 178mm.


There are more horse birthday cards to come – are you still with me?

The Stables horse birthday card A242

Stables and Horse Birthday Card!


Here’s a little bit of innovation and creativity for you. The 3D range of Create-A-Scene greeting cards are incredibly popular and have been since the introduction of the first Fairy House design! The Stables (A242) is a fun horse greeting card with a difference. Characters: a horse, owner and straw bale pop out of the back of the card. Card design has a stable door that pops open in two sections. Finally, the stable front and characters have fold back card tabs, The tabs allow for the stable and play pieces to be stood up and displayed as a 3D birthday card scene. Also pictured is A230 Woodland Party.


Cost is still the same as regular greeting cards at £2 fabulous value for money. More than just your regular horse birthday card – this one is fun and can be kept for years. Indeed many of our cards are framed because the artwork is just stunning!


Size is 5 x 7″ : 127 x 178mm and the card has a white envelope.

The Stables horse birthday card A242

Equine Sympathy Card?

Nine horses is a simple design which could well be used on the sad occasion when an equine sympathy card is required. Perhaps you are a veterinarian who sadly need to send too many sympathy cards to clients of your surgery?

WS383 Horses greeting card design has nine lovely illustrations of horse colours and patterns. Splash black, silver bay, frame overo, skewbald, dapple grey, red dun, red roan, chestnut, piebald, bay, blue roan and palomino.

WS383 Greeting card with nine horses on

Funny Horse Birthday Cards

Although this greeting card design is called Birthday Horse it only has the title printed on the back. You could use this design as horse thank you cards. It is beautifully illustrated and includes a 1st prize trophy and rosettes so could be used for prize giving of vouchers after a show for example.

S278 Birthday Horse is a smaller card at 5x5″ | 127x127mm by artist Joanne Cave.

While a cute design I also think it could be termed one of our funny horse birthday cards!


S278 Greeting Card Birthday Horse

Equestrian Birthday Cards

What do you think of this circular styled Pony Club Birthday card?

S239 Pony Club Birthday is a 5x5″ | 127x127mm by artist Kate Gunn.

I love the use of terms like gallop, lead, walk, jump and canter with the images.

What a great card for a pony club to send to their members on their birthdays!

S239 Pony Club birthday greeting card

I do hope you have enjoyed this selection of horse greetings cards and pony birthday cards?

Final image to share is a collage of the 7 designs I have shared in this post.

I wonder which one is your favourite?

Mine is without a doubt The Stables but I do love them all especially the cute and funny My Pony card.

If you click the image it will take you tom UK website where you can order online. Hint: search for pony and horse to pull up all current designs. Not in the UK? Then check out my posts about ordering in New Zealand, Australia, France or elsewhere in the world. If you are a business based outside of the UK ask me about our Phoenix Trading wholesale options and stocking the range!

Pony and Horse greeting card collage
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