Flamingo Paperie has launched!

What wait who are Flamingo Paperie you’re thinking because you came looking for Phoenix Trading greeting cards and stationery. Well sadly after a period in administration the very sad decision was taken to end the company after 22 years of trading. Not to let a good thing die though many of the artists you’re familiar with are now with Flamingo Paperie.

Flamingo Paperie is new and I’m an Independent Partner and super excited about the direction this new look company is going in!

Don’t take my word for it…..check out the range online (if you’re in the UK you can order online too).

To view the current brochure click here and to request a copy of the ‘paper’ version send me an email at samantha@lovecutestationery.com or use the contact me page or message me on Facebook.

Thank You..for your interest in the Phoenix Trading range of greeting cards and stationery – glad I could help you today!

Phoenix Trading Closed Down

If you have landed on this page you have may have been trying to purchase Phoenix Trading greeting cards or stationery.

Sadly Phoenix Trading closed down for online orders as of midnight on the 15th August 2017.

But….shhhh….there was a rumour of a new business launching …..and those rumours came true! If you would like stay informed of progress then please do visit my Facebook page And/or register for my newsletter for announcements.

The NEW CUSTOMER CLUB is due to launch soon!

It has been an exciting adventure to have been a small part of the 22 year legacy that has been the No.1 direct selling greeting card company. I have met so many wonderful people on my Phoenix Journey and many of them became friends after being customers and team members. Many were friends who became team members and customers!

I do not know what the future holds for me. However, I am excited to be able to continue sharing my passion for quality greeting cards and fabulous designs by continuing my journey as a Flamingo paperie partner.

We’re recruiting!!!

Please check out the information on my website about the wholesale opportunity available from £45.

It has been such fun sharing beautiful greeting cards and stationery with family and friends. I enjoyed the markets in Australia and New Zealand. Remember, when I started my own market for fellow work at home mums and entrepreneurs to share their businesses and crafts? That was a fabulous experience and you know what that market is still running 2 years after I left Australia and 4 years after it began. I’m currently travelling the UK & the World with my family. You can follow our family travel blog if you want to find out more about our adventures and how we finance long term family travel with four young children. p.s. Phoenix was a part of that income stream and Flamingo Paperie is now!

Thanks for sharing

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