New Year Greeting Cards Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

New Year Greeting Cards

Do you send new year greeting cards?

If you do send New Year greeting cards, then take a look at the wonderful range of New Year greeting cards from Flamingo Paperie. Majority of designs are blank on the inside so perfect for personalisation for any occasion including New Year. Family and Christmas cards have short messages printed inside.

Inspirational and Motivational messages are all great for starting off the New Year with good intentions. Many people start diets or join gyms to kickstart a new healthy image after the excesses of the holidays. Many designs make reference to chocolate and gyms, and of course alcohol!

I will share some images in this post but please do check my online shopping site for current range of suitable designs to use as New Year greeting cards. Use keywords to search or menus.

  • Price is £2 per card.
  • Buy 10 cards and save 20% on cards.
  • Shipping is free for orders over £30!

Top tip: click images to enlarge and see detail or read text in some cases!

Good Friends are like Stars greeting card
New Year Greeting Cards Shine Bright Like A Diamond
When it rains looks for the rainbow greeting card

Greeting Cards to Motivate and Inspire

Such wonderful designs to share that inspire and motivate. Blank inside for your own motivational or inspiring message to suit the design, the occasion and the recipient!

WS407 Moose of Motivation greeting card

Greeting cards to support lifestyle changes?

Of course there are numerous greeting cards in the Flamingo Paperie range that are suitable for sending to friends who are making lifestyle changes. Words of encouragement can go a long way to helping people stay on track. Motivational phrases and quotes can be repeated over and over like a mantra for self improvement. Say, “I can” rather than “I can’t” for example.

The next few designs are of greeting cards in the range that can be adapted to send a message of support.

Pilates! I thought you said pie and lattes! Greeting Cards to motivate!
Fabulous Greeting Card FP6025 Flamingo Paperie
When life gives you lemons get out the gin and tonic WS359 Flamingo Paperie
Gym! I thought you said gin! S279 Flamingo Paperie greeting card

Greeting cards that are unusual and quirky?

There are many designs to choose from and with new releases 4 to 5 times a year, always new designs to check out.

Other posts worth looking at include Unusual and Quirky greeting cards.

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