New Greeting Card Designs

Super excited that new greeting card designs will be available to order from Flamingo Paperie from Thursday 1st February 2018.

A few of the new greeting card designs have been released as images on the Flamingo Paperie Instagram account and Facebook page. I have been re-sharing them on my business Facebook page,but am collating them here for those fans who find my love cute stationery blog.

Designs so far released as previews of the exciting new range to come include: Flamingos (of course), a pop-up Happy Birthday card, a card for when someone is ‘feeling blue’, a humorous Llama birthday card and a most beautifully illustrated waterside alphabet design.

Scroll on down to view the designs.

Waterside Alphabet Greeting Card

How beautifully detailed is the above greeting card design by Val Goldfinch?

My favourites are the Kingfisher and the Otter.

Would love you to comment on this post with your favourite image from this design.

Last year the range included a woodland alphabet I do hope that it will still be available in 2018 alongside this lovely design.

Happy Birthday Pop Up Greeting Card

Featured next is a die cut Happy Birthday card featuring a large cake design. Die cut means the design is cut from a single piece of card and when gently popped out and folded appears to pop-up when standing. The envelope is large enough to post the card fully flat though so as to avoid damage to the detailed edge of the design.

Pop Up and 3D greeting cards are always popular. Clicking link will take you to a post with more Pop Up/3D examples.

More New Greeting Card Designs

  • Happy Birthday Flamingo
  • Feeling blue?
  • No Probllama birthday card


Hint: Click image for a closer look

What I love about the Flamingo Paperie new range is that there will be a card for all occasions. Greeting cards are blank on the inside, so super easy to personalise for any occasion with your own heartfelt message.

Whether you need a card for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or for a bereavement, wedding or baby shower for example, there will be a suitable design in the range.

Buy in bulk and save when you choose 10 cards or more.

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