WS302 baby shower greeting card snippet

Baby Shower anyone?

It’s Raining Babies in Cute Onesies!

Whether planning or attending as a guest I have some wonderful cute baby stationery ideas to share for a baby shower including a really cute baby shower greeting card.

I am an Independent Trader for Phoenix Trading and mum to four! There is always a great range of greeting cards designs suitable for when someone you know welcomes a New Little One into the World! I love being able to choose from my collection!

The Baby Shower Greeting Card is just perfect for a baby shower! Customers have in the past bought them to use as baby shower invitations. There are notecards that come in packs of 10 that I will also share with you as they make great invitation options too.

I am very excited about the ever expanding Little Woodland Animals Collection which has grown from one greeting card design to include bookmarks, gift boxes, gift wrap, gift tags, jotter pads, sticky notes, colour-in frieze card and more…read on for more images and information on how you can purchase these products from me.









Little Woodland Animals Collection
Little Woodland Animals Bunting & Giftbox

How cute are these Little Woodland Animals?

When a new greeting card design is released and becomes popular as these cute little woodland animals did, then the range often expands into other areas of the Phoenix Trading stationery range.

The possibilities for using this cute stationery are endless but I will offer some of my suggestions in this post. I would love you to share any of your own ideas or how you have used them by leaving me a comment. Have you ever needed a baby shower greeting card before?



Baby Shower Greeting Card

WS302 baby shower greeting card

Baby Shower Greeting Card WS302

I just love how adorable these babies are in their little babysuits or onesies. The umbrella imagery is just delightful to indicate a shower of babies. What I also love is the pastel colours in blue, pink, orange and green so ideal for boy or girl baby shower or when Mum is keeping it a surprise!

My apologies if you find this post in the future and any of the products I have showcased are no longer available. Don’t get too disheartened though as Phoenix Trading releases 4 to 5 sets of new designs every year to add to the collection available to purchase from me. Therefore, an alternative can always be found!





Baby Shower Gift Tag

GT143 baby shower gift tag

Baby Shower Gift Tag GT143

How cute is this little one is the yellow baby suit. Again, I love that this baby is in yellow so could be used for boy or girl or when gender is a secret!

This dressed in yellow spots and stripes baby is on the main baby shower greeting card, can you spot him or her?

How many uses for the baby shower gift tags?

  1. Writing a message on and attaching to a baby shower gift
  2. Using as a gift tag on a new baby present wrapped with co-ordinating paper and ribbon once baby has arrived
  3. Baby name suggestions from guests to give to the expectant mum – everyone writes their suggestions for boy or girl
  4. Making a baby themed mobile for the nursery or above baby’s cot or crib
  5. If you are crafty, into scrapbooking or make your own baby shower greeting cards then you could use the gift tag in your design – many customers also make their own cards but like a Phoenix stash for when they are short for time.
  6. Writing an encouraging word or short message for the mum-to-be so she can read them during her labour and draw strength from all those who care about her

I am sure you can think of more?






New Baby Greeting Cards Phoenix Trading

New Baby Greeting Card Designs for a Baby Shower?

You’re possibly wondering why I would share New Baby Greeting cards in a post about a baby shower greeting cards. Many of the designs are so stunning that they look amazing framed up for the nursery and would make a great baby shower gift for the expecting parents. Only problem is you will need to buy a second card or design to send when the baby arrives!

So, it’s a good point to note here that buying 10 or more greeting cards qualifies you for the Buy 10 and save 20% discount! What that means is: greeting cards in the range that normally cost £1.75 reduce to just £1.40 each. That’s right, just £14 for 10 amazing quality greeting cards!

In addition, there are over 400 beautiful greeting card designs in the range to choose from!

The colours are generally pastel or neutral so will compliment most nursery decors. Perhaps you know the nursery has a different theme and another design might suit just as well. Information about the size of each card is available which each listing on my Phoenix Trader website along with details of the artist who painted the picture and the finish of the card (whether matt or varnish, embossed or flittered (flitter is phoenix for glitter).

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A224 twinkle twinkle little star greeting card image

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Card A224

  • Twinkle, twinkle little star…
  • Row, row, row your boat…
  • Five little ducks went swimming one day…
  • The wheels on the bus…
  • Jack and Jill…
  • Baa, baa black sheep…
  • Incy wincy spider…
  • Ten green bottles…

Admit it! You started singing the rest of the rhymes didn’t you?

When I mention greeting cards with artwork worthy of framing for nursery decor I truly believe this one is just perfect! What do you think? Would you use this design as a baby shower greeting card? I would!

If you made it this far down the page I expect you are looking for more of those cute little woodland animals to use as a baby shower greeting card or for baby shower games and activities or for yourself?

  • Don’t worry they are coming up next because I love them too!



Little Woodland Animals Note Cards GP06
CP014 Little Woodland Animals Frieze Colour-in £3.00
Little Woodland Animals Mini Gift Boxes SP52

Little Woodland Animals Collection

Pictured are the packs of Little Woodland Animal Notecards. For £6.50 you get 15 notecards in the presentation box, tied with a green and white gingham ribbon. They are supplied with brown paper envelopes to add to the rustic look. They measure 5x5” or 127x127mm and could be used for baby shower invitations or as a gift for the new mum who could then use them as Baby Thank You Cards.

The frieze card measures 26 3/4 x 7 3/4″ : 680 x 198mm. For £3 that’s a lot of colouring in space to keep mum busy in the last few uncomfortable weeks of late pregnancy. It could even be used as an activity during a baby shower, perhaps as a keepsake for the mother-to-be?

The mini gift boxes come flat in packs of 5 for £3.50. They are perfect for small baby gifts or a gift for the mum. As they are constructed from food grade board they could be used for guests to take cupcakes or cookies home in. They are really easy to fold up and with a hole at the top they can be sealed with a pretty contrasting ribbon. Oh and yes I sell ribbon – what colour would you like? There are at least 15 different colours of ribbon available in 40mm wide x 6 metres in length for just £3.50.

New baby twins greeting card, gift tags and mini-gift cards for new babies.

I actually know quite a few people who have had twins! One of the ladies from my antenatal class and then coffee group went on to have twins with her second pregnancy. One of my Senior Traders had twins and a good homeschooling friend from Australia also had twins. All before I was a trader and before this design was released though so I haven’t been able to send one yet!

In the Phoenix Trading range there are a number of mini-gift cards that could be used as New Baby or baby shower greeting cards. These cost just 90p each and are the perfect size for small gifts or attaching to a big bunch of flowers. Pictured are New Baby Bunny in pink and blue.

How cute are the hedgehog and bunny gift tags? Only 50p each, so many customers use the gift tag designs for kids birthday presents instead of a card. They are large enough for a short message e.g. Happy Birthday or Congratulations with To and From names. They can also be attached to the top of the mini gift-boxes and used as name labels for party favours. I know of customers who purchased hundreds of mini-boxes for wedding favours. You could use the tags for your baby shower gift and save your favourite baby design for the birth instead of as a baby shower greeting card.

Baby Shower Invitations and New Baby Thank You Cards

Phoenix Trading note cards or postcards are sold in packs of 10 with envelopes (envelope colour may vary from white depending on the design so check website listing or the little coloured square in the description in the brochure). Cards are printed on the same quality card as the greeting cards and measure 7 x 5″ : 178 x 127mm. A pack costs just £4.50 so they are really great value.

There are a number of designs suitable for using as baby shower invitations. Have a look at the image below and you will also see New Baby Announcement cards which make great gifts for the parents to be. Just the right amount of room to say thank you to all their friends and family for the new baby gifts. A Thank you card can wait until they get some rest of course because as I know after 4 children, sleeping when the baby sleeps only happens with the first one unless you have another adult around for support!

New Baby Announcement Notecards

3D baby greeting card building blocks

3D Baby Greeting Card 3D06

3D Baby Building Blocks Greeting Card

If you are looking for a large greeting card for a baby shower you could try this 3D Baby Building Blocks design. It comes as two halves that easily slot together for opening out to stand up. Great for a few people to sign, for example if someone at your workplace is going on maternity leave. It will look great as a display piece too. Again, could be used for display on a gift or food table at a baby shower or simply as your baby shower greeting card choice.

This design measures 7 1/4 x 10″ : 184 x 247mm but still only costs £1.75!

I wrote a post about the Phoenix Trading range of 3D and pop-out greeting cards. You can find it by clicking see more fabulous pop-up greeting cards.




Exclusive greeting card designs!

Phoenix Trading designs are submitted by artists and if published, the design is exclusive as a greeting card for 3 years. You may then find other similar products being sold elsewhere but not the greeting card. For example I have seen tea towels, mugs, jigsaws and sewing kits for sale, all with Phoenix Trading designs on them. You could try and combine your choice of baby shower greeting card with a matching gift. Perhaps in the future I should write a post about the Phoenix artists and the range of products there designs are made into along with some links for buying – will need to do some more research!

I do hope you have enjoyed my post about baby shower greeting cards and new baby stationery and now have some ideas of how you can used them for a baby shower. if you would like to see more posts from my blog, please sign up to my newsletter and to order visit my Independent Partner Shopping website.

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