Luxury Greeting Cards Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Luxury Birthday Cards

Luxury birthday cards can look expensive but don’t have to be! For a birthday card to be luxurious it needs a special treatment, care and attention to quality materials and design. Flamingo Paperie are a greeting card publisher who specialise in high quality cards that do not compromise on materials or their impact on the environment. It is absolutely amazing the printing quality that is achieved with vegetable based inks. The envelopes are also of high quality and white 100gsm, offering superior protection for those fine greeting cards.

Luxury birthday card treatments include:

  • embossing
  • debossing
  • gold and silver foiling
  • glitter (or as we call it ‘flittering’)

Clicking on a greeting card design image will open a larger version in most cases so you can see more details. Some images are linked to my online shopping website where you can order them for £2 each. Choose 10 or more and pay just £1.60 per greeting card.

Luxury Greeting Cards Pass the Prosecco

Gold Foil Greeting Cards for Birthdays

The first 2 gold foil greetings cards above feature gold lettering on the Prosecco card and the Shine Bright Like A Diamond. The solid bright colour background gives particular emphasis to the luxurious gold foil lettering.

The 3 images below are of three luxury birthday cards that have also been given the gold foil treatment detail in the design. Lettering and streamers have been highlighted in gold foil for emphasis and to enhance these fine greeting cards.

Luxury Birthday Cards Candles Gold Foiled
Luxury Birthday Cards Happy Birthday
Birthday Balloons Luxury Greeting Cards

Would you like to view more exclusive greeting cards?

Would you like to view the whole exclusive range? Just use the handy ‘key’ on the brochure pages to see which cards have been given which luxury treatment. Different symbols represent the different treatments e.g. a hexagon with a line through it is gold foiled, a triangle means flittered, a circle with a dot inside = embossed and debossed is two lines a bit like an equals maths sign =

Debossed Treatment for Luxury Greeting Cards

Debossing describes the luxury greeting card technique of making the central image to appear as if within a frame. It is a technique used often when framing prints to highlight the image.

The Herring Gull and Owl both look fabulous. Imagine them framed by the receiver of these fine quality greeting cards – they are too good to recycle or discard to landfill!

The Musical Alphabet is exquisite featuring multiple debossed images for maximum effect.

Music Alphabet fine greeting cards
Owl Twit Twoo Thank You luxury greeting cards

More Luxury Greeting Cards

Opposite to debossing is embossing. An embossed feature of a luxury greeting card is where a portion of the design is chosen to be raised up slightly. If you ran your finger gently across the design you would feel the bumps and even be able to trace the design with your eyes closed. I think that someone blind would really appreciate an embossed design.

My favourite new embossed design in the Flamingo Paperie range for 2018 is the exquisite red heart below. It’s too stunning to just save for a Valentines Day greeting card. All Flamingo Paperie greetings cards are blank inside for you own personal message. Send a card because you want to tell someone how much you care about them. This design would also be suitable for a wedding or anniversary card.

The white floral detail around the outside is embossed as is the red heart design in the centre. A flat image on a computer screen or in a brochure really does not do this card justice. If you have ordered one please tell everyone about it in the comments.

Click to see more Luxury Valentines Card designs.

Red Heart Luxury Embossed Greeting Card LOVE
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