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100% Designed and Manufactured in the UK

Flamingo Paperie is not the only greeting card manufacturers uk based, however, they can claim that 100% of their greeting cards, notecards and gift wrap sheets are manufactured in the UK. Proud to support local businesses and communities are their directors and independent partners.

Exclusive artwork from over 60 artists with 1000’s of new design submissions made annually. With 4 to 5 product releases each year the range is fresh and current with many bestselling designs being featured for years due to their popularity.

Flamingo Paperie designs are marketed exclusively through a network of Independent Flamingo Paperie Partners around the world.

How does Flamingo Paperie work?

Artists submit their designs to Flamingo Paperie’s art director and if chosen a fee is paid for copyright. Flamingo Paperie can then market that greeting card design exclusively through it’s network of Independent Business Owners or Flamingo Paperie Partners.

I am a Flamingo Paperie Partner, my name is Samantha Sullivan and this is my blog where I share my love of cute stationery!

Entrepreneurs can join as Flamingo Paperie Partners in the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Opportunities exist for International Business Customers to become wholesalers – click for more information.

Contrary to what many people may think Flamingo Paperie (nor its predecessor Phoenix Trading) is not a so-called Pyramid selling scheme. In a pyramid selling structure it is virtually impossible to make a profit selling the products but members rely entirely on recruitment and making commission from teams. This is simply not true with Flamingo Paperie. With more than 20% commission available on product sales, the profit margins for direct sellers is very healthy. Financial rewards are offered for those who achieve personal sales and choose to recruit other members. Recruitment is by no means essential nor required for profitability.

greeting card manufacturers uk
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