Fun With Golf Funny Greeting Cards

Funny Greeting Cards

What makes a greeting card funny? Is is the artwork or the phrasing? Is it the joke alone that makes for hilarious birthday cards? Quite often what makes funny greeting cards popular is their play on words.

Flamingo Paperie have a wonderful selection of funny greeting cards, including a few funny birthday cards too.

Helen Smith a regular contributing artist with Phoenix Trading and now Flamingo Paperie has produced a whole series of ‘Fun with…..’ greeting cards. Pictured above is Fun With Golf, a popular design with both male and female golfers. Click images to enlarge for a clearer view. Click buttons to browse and order from my website in the UK (over 250 designs to choose from).

Fun with….designs are subject to availability and licensing. Please check ordering website for current designs and not all listed are pictured. Click images to enlarge for a clearer view of the details.

Examples include:

  • Fun with driving
  • Fun with puddings
  • Fun with golf
  • Fun with technology
  • Fun with social media
  • Fun with science
  • Fun with running

Following a similar humorous greeting cards format is the very popular, Know Your Wine design.

Fun With Technology Humorous Greeting Cards
Fun With Running Funny Birthday Cards
Fun With Puddings Hilarious Birthday Cards
Fun With Driving Passed Driving Test Greeting Card

Funny Greeting Cards by Carla Koala

A distinctive humour is evident in the funny greeting card designs by Carla Koala (a regular contributing artist). A play on words is often used with her quirky style of illustrating completing the full effect. Here are 3 of my favourite and also popular designs, but there are more on the website. You can search by artist and view all their designs currently featured – subject to availability.

Llamas Funny Birthday Cards
Save Water Drink Champagne Humorous Greeting Cards
Hilarious Greeting Cards

Hilarious Birthday Cards

Often the most hilarious birthday cards are those that make fun of the aging process! When I Grow Old featured below is one of my firm favourites about growing old and having fun! Click image to view on my website and check current availability.

When I Grow Old Hilarious Birthday Cards

Funny Birthday Cards with Animals

In this example of funny birthday cards with animals are dogs with party hats on. Some of them don’t seem bothered by the party hats whilst others would clearly be happier not wearing them! Do you celebrate your pet birthdays?

NB text is not part of the design

Party Pooches Funny Dog Birthday Cards
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