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Who Is Behind Flamingo Paperie Cards?

Flamingo Paperie cards launched August 2017. Flamingo Paperie Cards are brought to you by two of the founders and the top distributor from Phoenix Trading. Phoenix Trading were in business for over 22 years. Customers and traders with Phoenix Trading will be familiar with the fantastic artist designed cards and stationery. Flamingo Paperie continues to bring to the greeting card market the very best in artist designs mixed with a new unique style.

Can I buy Flamingo Paperie Cards in UK shops?

NO. As with Phoenix Trading greetings cards, Flamingo Paperie cards are not available on the UK high street.

How can I buy Flamingo Paperie cards?

The Flamingo Paperie range is sold through an expanding network of Independent Flamingo Partners like me: Samantha Sullivan ID:41943

Can I buy Flamingo Cards online?

YES. Shop online for delivery to a UK address. As soon as online ordering is available in New Zealand, Australia and France I will update here. In the meantime why not register for my newsletter so you don’t miss any announcements or special offers.

Can I sell Flamingo Paperie Cards?

YES. You need to register to join my team if you are from the UK, New Zealand, Australia or France via my website. Also, ask me for more information about our International Business Customer Program if you are outside of these 4 ‘home’ zones. There are options for small retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand to stock Flamingo Paperie cards.

Flamingo Birthday Card FP6018

Flamingo Birthday Card

Of course there is a Flamingo Birthday Card in the greeting card range from Flamingo Paperie cards. Click on images for an enlarged view.

Pictured to the left is a delightful Happy Birthday card with a lovely bright pink flamingo surrounded by flowers. Order code: FP6018

This Flamingo Birthday Card costs £2.00. Choose 10 or more from over 250 designs and pay just £1.60 per card. That’s a saving of 20%, plus if you spend over £30 you will qualify for Free delivery (P&H is £3.50 on orders up to £30).

Pink Flamingo Cards

Did you see this image at the top of the page? Did you realise this lovely trio of pink flamingos is actually a new greetings cards from Flamingo Paperie? Click on image for an enlarged view.

A wonderful feature of the Flamingo Paperie greetings cards is the Flamingo Factoid on the back. Also printed on the back of the cards is the environmental message, the design code and description along with the name of the artist.

Flamingo Greeting Card
The new cards also have the new motto: Send A Card, Deliver A Smile

Do you need Flamingo Gift Wrap?

As well as greetings cards, Flamingo Paperie has also printed a selection of note cards and quality gift wrap sheets. Sheets cost just £1.50 per sheet and measure 700x500mm : 27.5x19.5″

One of the gift wrap designs in the range features this wonderful flamingo artwork. Other designs include: flowers, dinosaurs, hearts, penguins, butterflies, candles, little dancers, bicycles and more….click flamingo gift wrap image below to view whole range on shopping site.

Flamingo Gift Wrap from Flamingo Paperie
Flamingo Note Card

Flamingo Note Cards?

What better way to share your love of pink flamingos than to send a message on this gorgeous pink flamingo note card by artist Laura Stone for Flamingo Paperie.

To get your hands on these lovely note cards order code NC005. Note cards from Flamingo Paperie cost £4.50 for a pack of 10 cards. Size: 178x127mm :7x5″  and supplied with white envelopes (other designs may have coloured envelopes).

Flamingo Paperie Customer Club

You may have heard a rumour about a brand new Flamingo Paperie Customer Club. The Flamingo Paperie Customer Club launched in 2018. There are a number of benefits from being a Flamingo Paperie Customer Club member.

Please register for my email newsletter so you don’t miss any exciting announcements from Flamingo Paperie cards!

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Flamingo Paperie Business Opportunity

Flamingo Paperie products are sold through a network of Independent Flamingo Paperie Partners in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and France. I am an Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner in the UK, with team members in Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK.

Business kits are available in three sizes and start from just £45

Join Flamingo Paperie UK

Joining as a partner in the UK currently offers partners a replicated E-commerce site to send customers to and earn 20% on sales through that site. All new partners can choose from one of three business kits. All kits contains sales aids, brochures and product. For more information on the business opportunity you can view my Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner website. It’s really easy to join online from there too – from all 4 countries.

Flamingo Paperie partner purchase products from the company at wholesale prices and then sell at retail prices. Partners earn a profit per item sold and can also earn bonuses based on monthly sales volumes. There are additional bonuses for qualifying team member sales.*conditions apply.

Statutory Declaration

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits for getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. The promoter of this scheme is Flamingo Paperie Limited, 60 High Street, Wimbledon Village, London, SW19 5EE

Join Flamingo Paperie Australia and New Zealand

There are similarities in the businesses between the UK and Australia and New Zealand. The range of products available are the same. The same brochures are used by partners in all zones to promote the products. Whilst the brochures show £ for pricing, there is a currency conversion table on page 2.

A key difference as of February 2018 is that no replicated site is currently available for partners outside of the UK. Partners are permitted to create their own website as a sales platform or sell through Facebook for example, but not auction sites like E-Bay or TradeMe.

All deliveries are sent from the UK so delivery fees for partners are currently slightly higher than those for UK partners but the profit margins are higher. I can send a delivery fee table to anyone interested in investigating this aspect further.

Join Flamingo Paperie France

I have a team in France, would you like to join them?

International Business Customers

If you are outside these four ‘home’ zones (UK, Australia, New Zealand & France) you can still buy Flamingo Paperie at wholesale prices by registering as an International Business Customer. Please use the contact form for more details.

If you are a small or niche retailer in Australia or New Zealand you can also register as a business customer* conditions apply – just join as a partner via my website as a partner and you’ll be able to order at wholesale prices. You will get an initial kit of bestselling designs, but will be able to pick and choose products from your very first order. Kit prices include international shipping!

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