Can I buy from the Flamingo Paperie (was Phoenix Trading) range?

Online ordering in the UK is now available for Flamingo Paperie customers. Click button above!

Greetings cards are priced at £2 each (£1.60 when you buy 10 or more, don’t have to be same design). Shipping is a low £3.50 per online order but is FREE when you spend more than £30. Choosing 19 greetings cards from the 250+ designs available will qualify you for free shipping.

If you were searching for Phoenix Trading greeting cards and Christmas range I am glad you found me!

 In Australia and New Zealand you will need an Independent Flamingo partner to order through. I am happy to either put you in touch with one of my team or indeed welcome you to my team as a new partner.

 Use the contact form or email me direct at 

 NB Online ordering and registration as a partner was not available until the full company launch on 1st February 2018. I am pleased to announce that you can now order online from the Flamingo Paperie range if you are based in the United Kingdom. Phoenix Trading fans will see some old favourites among the fabulous new designs. There will be more designs due for release in May and I know you can’t wait for the fabulous Christmas range.

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How To Buy Phoenix Trading Greeting Cards Online

On this page I will introduce you to the variety of options there are to buy Phoenix Trading greeting cards online. Basically you can buy the range based on your home country and whether you can register as an Independent trader or want to pay retail or wholesale prices! Click links below to go straight to my UK trader website or my Mum’s site in New Zealand for online orders to pay with a credit card and have shipped direct to your home address as a customer.

Can I Buy Flamingo Paperie (Phoenix Trading) Products outside of the UK and NZ?

YES! Let me outline some of the options to you and provide links to more information.

I was an Independent Phoenix Trader in New Zealand and Australia for many years. I now have Flamingo Paperie team members in all 4 ‘home’ zones: Australia, New Zealand, France and the United Kingdom. Some of these members were also Phoenix Traders.

I am currently registered as an Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner in the United Kingdom with Trader ID 41943. Therefore, my trader e-commerce website can only be used for online orders (payable by credit card) if your postal address is in the United Kingdom.

Don’t leave just yet if you are outside the UK as there are a number of international options to consider!

  • Order from one of my team members in Australia or New Zealand or France
  • Consider joining my team to buy at wholesale prices

  • Become an International Business Customer
  • Register as a wholesale business customer in Australia or New Zealand

If you are short of time, live in the UK and are keen to order straight away then please click the large red button link below. I would love you to stay and browse awhile to see what products and special offers I have shared. Before you go, be sure to register for my Flamingo News newsletter updates so you don’t miss out on new posts, new product releases or any special offers in the future.

Buy Flamingo Paperie (Phoenix Trading) Greeting Cards in New Zealand & Australia

Are you looking to buy phoenix trading greeting cards online from New Zealand or Australia?

I emigrated to New Zealand in 2002 with my then partner (now husband). We raised 3 children in the 10 years we were there and welcomed our fourth whilst we were in Australia for 3 years. We are now back in the UK showing the children their parents ‘home’ country.

My team spreads across Australia and New Zealand so I can put you in touch with a team member closest to you in Australia & New Zealand. SORRY though online ordering is not yet available outside of the UK.

Flamingo Paperie (Phoenix Trading) France

I have a team in France – happy to put you in touch with them. Visit the main company website and choose the French flag for information in French if you are interested in joining. If you do decide to register as a trader please mention my trader ID 41943 and name Samantha Sullivan to be assigned to my global team.

Flamingo Paperie is still International (Phoenix Trading)

Options for buying Flamingo Paperie Greeting cards outside of the four HOME countries (United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and France) are as an International Business customer or wholesaler. Terms and Conditions apply – please contact me for more details or read more below and on other pages on this blog.

Owner of a niche business in New Zealand or Australia?

Phoenix Trading introduced an initiative in New Zealand and Australia only. This permitted certain small niche businesses to register as wholesale customers and stock a range of the products relevant to their retail establishments. This scheme continues with Flamingo Paperie.

For example some of my business customers include a garden centre in Australia, a Fairy Shop, a Heritage Park and an AirForce Museum (they love the Spitfire card in the range). My team have enlisted florists, wineries, a kennel and baby stores as part of their business portfolios. The possibilities for expanding this area of our businesses has more potential to be realised! If you are interested please contact me for more information.







Join My International Team?

reasons to join phoenix tradingIf you love the designs and believe this could be the business opportunity for you then take a browse through my information page for more details OR you can just skip over to the website and view the Reward Program details and more there…

View Information Brochure online or visit my trader website (where you can also download the brochure to view if this link didn’t work!)

To view more information for Australia, New Zealand and France you can visit the company website and choose your country for relevant currency information. If you decide to join just follow the prompts to BECOME A TRADER and enter my details when asked or you will be allocated to someone else entirely!

My name: Samantha Sullivan & Trader ID: 41943






Any Questions?

If you have enjoyed browsing the images on my blog you will love the website. There are over 250 greeting card designs to choose from plus all the other stationery such as gift wrap & tags, notecards and a wonderful colouring in range. Oh and did somebody say Christmas in August? Some of our most popular designs will be sold out soon so don’t delay!

If you need help with anything or just want to get on and buy Flamingo Paperie greeting cards online then visit my UK website now or send me an email – link from website, sign up to my newsletter or ask about joining my International team of traders and businesses.

p.s. Did you see the Spitfire? I love that card! It’s very popular at the AirForce Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand!

If you want to add one to your collection order code: DC71 Spitfire for £2 each

Thanks for sharing

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