Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards

YES there is a NEW Christmas range of your favourite Phoenix Trading Christmas cards and NEW Flamingo Paperie designs for 2018

The Phoenix Trading Christmas cards range was sold exclusively via Independent Phoenix Traders like myself, therefore today is you’re lucky day! Why? Because you have stumbled across my blog and I’m now an Independent Partner with Flamingo Paperie. This means you can still order the designs you love and new ones you haven’t seen yet for 2018. Join my newsletter mailing list and you won’t miss future releases or any special offers. Join my team and start saving/planning for the best Christmas ever as a wholesaler!

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phoenix trading xmas cards 2016

Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards

Please feel free to browse more of my blog where I share images and product details. I will also provide more information about ordering Flamingo Paperie – Phoenix Trading Christmas cards and other products from the range online.

Not UK based? There are still options for you as Flamingo Paperie is International!

Would you like to see some a lot more of the unique and quality Flamingo Paperie Christmas card designs?

Reindeer & deer, religious/nativity, animals, sticker cards, advent calendar cards, money wallets, snowmen, Santa, photo cards, birds, penguins, Australian, patriotic, food & drink, funny, transport, frieze cards, cats and dogs, colour in and more…scroll down or click to jump to a category! NB not all designs or products will be available in 2018! Click to see post for Christmas 2018.

Click for advent calendars and advent calendar cards.

Some images link direct to my UK website while others can be enlarged to see more detail.

2016 saw personalised Phoenix Trading Christmas cards for businesses, For the 1st time ever you could have your Christmas cards personalised *minimum order applies of 100 cards. Therefore, how long is your Christmas Card list? See more on my post Personalised Christmas Cards or click image below to view online brochure *everyday range can also be personalised – ask me more?

I am not sure if or when personalisation will become available – stay tuned for updates!

Personalised Printing of Corporate Christmas Cards for Clients

Information to assist with ordering e.g. codes & pricing

Each Phoenix Trading Christmas card design has a unique code and description for easy identification. So, for example XS30 My Christmas Friend is the hedgehog and Christmas pudding design pictured at the top of this post in the collage. I will try and remember to identify all images below – my sincere apologies if I miss a couple. You can use the search box on my website to enter keywords or the code to find items quickly or similar themed products.

Phoenix Trading Christmas cards (now Flamingo Paperie) are generally sold in packs of 8 cards and range in price from £3 to £4.50. Price either reflects the size of the card, the number in the pack or whether the card has special features such as flitter (glitter), embossing or foil added. Single cards which includes the money wallets are £2.00 each in addition this qualifies them for the BUY 10 cards and save 20% offer. Furthermore, this offer applies to the Phoenix Trading everyday range of greeting cards year round. When you choose 10 or more £2 cards the individual price reduces to just £1.60 each! e.g. choose 19 cards and pay just £30.40 instead of £38 and qualify for UK free shipping offer saving a further £3.50!

Note: not all Phoenix Trading Christmas card designs pictured are new for 2018 and are therefore subject to availability. Not all designs are in the brochure but they may be available to order online – check the Last Chance To Buy section for your favourite designs before they are SOLD OUT!

Colour in Christmas cards and a 3D Christmas House Xmas Card

Deer & Reindeer Christmas Cards

Cute, colourful or spotted in the snow covered forests. You will discover a variety of deer and reindeer designs. One or more deer and often with Santa. Flying over the rooftops pulling Santa’s sleigh laden with presents for all the boys and girls around the world or just hanging around in the snow waiting for Christmas Eve. Not all available designs are pictured, I have just chosen a small selection to give you an idea of the styles available. Reindeer also feature on items other than Phoenix Trading Christmas cards. Other products include: jotter pads, wrapping paper & gift tags, bookmarks, money wallets, advent calendars, note cards (postcards) and frieze cards too.

Deer and Reindeer Christmas Cards from Phoenix Trading

Cute Nativity Christmas Cards

Just one of our bestselling Phoenix Trading Christmas cards so far is the Nativity Stable pop up Christmas card (XS11). It is more than a card! It’s a display that can be played with or framed. The characters, including a donkey and the baby Jesus in his manger pop out from the back of the cards and have tabs to fold so they can stand as does the stable. It will look fabulous set up in a box frame or on a shelf as part of your Christmas displays. Indeed so many of Phoenix Trading Christmas cards are designs very much worthy of framing.

Cut Thru’ Star Inn (XR26) is packed full of fun little details as all Phoenix Artist Amanda Loverseed’s designs are.

Little Angel (XR33) is a beautiful religious Christmas card design and unlike many of the Christmas cards it doesn’t come with a pre-printed seasonal message so you could use for other occasions during the year.

Again, not all available designs are pictured, I have just chosen a small selection to give you an idea of the styles available. Nativity scenes and characters are found through out the range on advent calendars, advent calendar cards, frieze cards, colour in finger puppets, colour in frieze and colour in bunting too.

Cute Nativity Christmas Cards Religious Xmas

Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards Featuring Animals

We do love our animals on Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards. Is adorable a word I should use for a Christmas card design? I really do think the little hedgehog with his Christmas pudding ‘friend’ is so cute though. Loving the expression in the Little Donkey’s eyes – our artists are so talented! Cute sledging bunnies? Why not? The woodland animal creatures range has been so popular and this Phoenix Trading Christmas card design is no exception.

  • Little Donkey code: XS35 – sold in a pack of 8 for £2.75
  • My Christmas Friend code: XS30 – pack of 10 for £2.75
  • Sledging code: XR38 is a great value pack for children costing just £2.75 for 15 cards!
XS35 Little Donkey Cute Christmas Card
XS30 My Christmas Friend Cute Hedgehog Xmas Card
XR38 Cute Sledging Christmas Bunnies Card

Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards with STICKERS!

Sticker cards are so much fun! Even more fun is the card folds open for double the background (148 x 210mm). Card is gloss varnished so the stickers can be repositioned over and over again = hours of Christmas holiday fun! These Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards with stickers are as popular as the Butterfly Garden sticker card in the everyday range.

£3 each is great value *number of stickers varies from 28 to 42 & envelopes are either red, blue or yellow (see details)

  • Nativity Stable code: XM120 – 28 repositionable stickers & blue envelope
  • Santa’s House code: XM119 – 30 repositionable stickers & red envelope
  • Christmas at the Beach: XM114 42 repositionable stickers & yellow envelope
  • Christmas Scene XM113 – – 30 repositionable stickers & blue envelope
Sticker Christmas Cards XM119 Santa XM120 Nativity XM113 Xmas Scene XM114 Beach Koalas

Phoenix Trading Advent Calendar Cards

Advent calendar cards are such much fun! Just remember to send them in plenty of time for opening the first window on the 1st December. Card measures 152 x 152mm, includes an envelope and has 24 little windows to open. There are many different designs to choose from including Santa’s practicing parkour, snow covered farmhouses, Christmas trees, reindeer, a nativity scene, rows of village shops, Buckingham Palace and more… Each advent calendar card has a pre-printed message, for example: Merry Christmas or Season’s Greetings. Price per card is just £2.50!

Learn how to say Season’s Greetings in 24 languages including Maori, Welsh, Mongolian & Norwegian!

  • Children of the World code: XM105
  • Buckingham Palace code: XM129
  • Nativity Stable code: XM104
  • Country House: XM91
  • Christmas Fancy Dress XM42
Phoenix Trading Advent Calendar Christmas Cards

xm132 reindeer money wallet christmas card

Reindeer XM132

Money Wallet Christmas Cards

Phoenix Trading Christmas cards include 4 designs of money wallet for 2016. Price per card is just £1.75!

Money Wallets can be bought as part of the Buy 10 cards and save 20% deal! Price per card reduces from £1.75 to £1.40 when buying 10 or more!

  • Reindeer in the Snow code: XM117
  • Happy Christmas code: XM131
  • Santas: XM137
  • Reindeer code: XM132 (pictured right)

Can you name all 9 reindeer? Clue? See design XM132

Size: 3 1/2 x 8 1/4″ : 90 x 210mm = perfect for cash or gift vouchers




Phoenix Trading Christmas Card Money Wallets XM117 Reindeer XM137 Santas XM131 Happy Xmas

Snowmen Christmas Cards

Phoenix Trading Christmas card designs have you covered for traditional wintery scenes featuring snowmen. Here is a small selection of 5 – remember there will be more available to order online. Design will vary and are subject to availability.

  • XK34 Snowmen Cupcake pack of 10 Christmas cards for £2.75
  • XR39 Snowman and Blackbird pack of 8 Christmas cards for £2.75
  • XS18 Snowman Globe pack of 10 cards for £3.75
  • XR21 Scottie pack of 8 for £3.75
  • XS09 The Christmas Door  sold as a pack of 10 for just £4.25

Which is your favourite?

Snowmen Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Designs with Santa & Friends

Phoenix Trading Christmas cards would not be a complete range without a few Santa designs. Think we got you covered  with traditional and fun Santa Claus or Father Christmas images. I created a collage image of some of the Phoenix Trading Christmas cards that feature Santa and in some cases his friends!

Which Santa design is your favourite?

Santa Christmas Cards

Photo Christmas Cards – include your own photo

Three designs of Phoenix Trading Christmas card allow you to insert your own photo whether pet or family to send to friends and relatives. Santa and Friends design is available in portrait (XM127) or landscape (XM128). Whereas Christmas Trees XM126 is landscape only. Christmas photo cards cost £2.50 each and are supplied with a white envelope. Card Size: 7 x 5″ : 178 x 127mm

Message: Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Do you dress up for family photos at Christmas? Formal OR Funny?

Photo Christmas Cards XM126 Trees XM128 Santa

Robins are so traditional for Christmas Cards

Plenty of Robins to choose from. The blue tits are too cute though!

Funny or artistic there is a choice for you from Phoenix Trading Christmas card designs.

Check website for availability and prices?

Blue Tits Birds Robins Christmas Cards

Penguin Christmas Card

These penguins in hats are just so cute I decided to put them in a section all by themselves rather than putting them in with the other Christmas birds! I love penguins. I used to live in New Zealand and loved visiting the Little Blue Penguin visitors centre in Oamaru and the yellow-eyed penguin sanctuary in Dunedin. We have been lucky enough to see them in their natural environment with them living on a beach near where I used to live on Banks Peninsula. Furthermore, we saw them swimming and diving when out on boat trips from Akaroa and Lyttelton. The Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand takes in injured birds who cannot be returned to the wild. We took my daughter there for her 5th birthday and we all loved the experience.

Back to the penguin Christmas card! Last time I checked it had been so popular that it was already temporarily out of stock and awaiting a new print run! Check availability for ordering online by visiting my UK Phoenix Trader website.

Sold in a pack of 10 cards for £4.25. Use code XS06 for easy ordering. If you type penguin into the search box on my trader website you will bring up other penguin greeting cards, sticky labels for Christmas presents, paper chains and a set of very cute penguin notecards (postcards) with envelopes.

Cute Penguins in Hats Christmas Cards XS06

Australian Christmas Cards – Christmas By The Beach

xm114 christmas by beach christmas card koala

Australian Christmas Card with Koalas on the Beach & Stickers Order Code: XM114

Phoenix Trading Christmas cards are sold in Australia and New Zealand as well as the United Kingdom and France. Many customers in the Southern Hemisphere still prefer to send wintery and traditional Christmas images as Christmas cards. However, there is a demand for acknowledging that a Christmas Down-Under is a Christmas by the Beach kind of affair.

Image right is the Christmas by the Beach Sticker card for £3 (XM114)

Koalas have featured on other designs having BBQ’s, playing cricket or just lounging around on sun loungers after one too many seasonal beverages! One year we had a Surfing Santa and a design from Helen Smith called Fun in the Sun!

XS37 Christmas Cricket  is the design this year, a pack of 10 cards costs £4.25

Wonder what designs we will get next year? Koalas? Maybe a Kiwi or kea or kangaroo?

Whilst there are a couple of artists from Australia and New Zealand there is certainly room for a greater representation. If you are an artist please check out the Artists Wanted section of my website to see what the criteria and financial rewards are.



XS37 Xmas Koalas Playing Cricket on the Beach Australian Christmas Card

Patriotic Christmas Cards by Phoenix Trading

xm129 buckingham palace advent calendar card

Buckingham Palace Advent Calendar Card

Hopefully you spotted the Buckingham Palace advent calendar card further up in this post? Advent calendar cards measure 6x6” and cost £2.50.

  • XR18 London Town is a design sold in packs of 10 for £3.75
  • XS27 London Silhouette as a pack of 8 also costs £3.75
  • XP18 is the code for Christmas Guard, 8 pack for £3.75

You really should check out the Tower of London full sized advent calendar too. It really is fabulous with different characters to place into the slots all over the design to build up a great 3D image for displaying during the holiday season!

Spend Christmas in the Tower or the Palace this year or both?





Silhouette London Christmas Card XS27
Patriotic Christmas Card Royal Palace Guard XP18
London Christmas Card XR18

XS25 Fun With Festive Food

Fun with Festive Food XS25

Food & Drink Christmas Cards

Christmas scents of mulled wine and mince pies in front of a roaring open fire? Having spent the last 15 years in either Australia or New Zealand I have more recent memories of hot summers for Christmas day with lunches of roast dinner outside in the garden. The scents of Christmas food and wine remain the same though the hemisphere and climate may be different.

Although our children keep asking for a white Christmas with real snow!

  • XS21 Mulled Wine and Mince Pies (pack of 10 – £3.75)
  • XS30 My Christmas Friend (pack of 10 – £2.75)
  • XS25 Fun with Festive Food (pack of 10 – £3.75)
  • XS23 Christmas cake (pack of 8 – £3.75)
  • XS29 Hot Chocolate (pack of 10 – £3.75)

What’s your favourite food or drink that you only seem to indulge in at Christmas time?


Festive Food and Drink Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards

A to Z of Christmas Card

Ok, so this is more educational than funny but I already posted some images of more humorous Christmas cards including Fun with Festive Food above! XS03 A to Z of Christmas  is sold in packs of 10 for £4.25 – make sure you keep one for yourself! There is so much detail in this design it would make a great gift framed!


A to Z Funny Christmas Card XS03

Of course Santa should drive the Christmas Train!

Santa driving the Christmas Train sold really well at a heritage park in New Zealand for one of my business customers – they have vintage steam trains! Campervans are always popular and aren’t they just perfect for transporting Christmas trees rather than surfboards? Not sure why Santa has swapped his reindeer for a bicycle but it’s all a bit of fun for the holiday season. Still in love with all the designs of Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards and this is my 6th Christmas season!

XR25 Christmas Train (pack of 10) £3.75

XR16 Driving Home for Christmas (pack of 8) £3.75

XP11 Cycling Santa (pack of 10) £3.75


Santa Train Bicycle Campervan Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards

Frieze Christmas Cards are really long!

A frieze cards is perfect for displaying on a shelf or mantel. They can also be attached to a wall (I recommend blu tac that doesn’t mark your wall or pull off wallpaper!) At full stretch they measure 996mm (that’s almost a metre) with a height of 110mm. They do fold up to fit in a small envelope for posting which is provided.

Designs include: Santas (XM95), Reindeer Stables (XM107), Christmas Carols (XM96 – has 12 Christmas carols printed on reverse, Christmas Trees (XM62) – with Merry Christmas in different languages and XM53 Nativity which has the story of the Nativity printed on the reverse with colourful characters depicted on the front. Cost is just £2.50 each.


XM53 Nativity Frieze Christmas Card Story

Cat and Dog Christmas Cards!

Cats and dogs can be found on a number of Phoenix Trading Christmas cards. Some are the main character whilst others you will have to go hunting for as there may simply be a cat asleep by Santa’s feet for example in front of the fire of course. Or perhaps you will spot a little Black dog jumping up at the window of a house decorated for Christmas. Or a dog walking in the fresh snow and leaving footprints.

Here are 4 designs to tempt you to go looking for more…

  • Seriously? order code XR36 at £2.75 for a pack of 8 cards.
  • XR05 Gingerbread Bakery comes as a pack of 8 for £4.25
  • XP23 Christmas Slippers sells as a pack of 8 for £3.75
  • XR21 Scottie & the Snowman is another pack of 8 cards for £3.75


Cat and Dog Christmas Cards

Colour In Christmas Cards!

Colouring is a proven method of relaxation. So why not sit and colour with the children this Christmas? Each pack of colour in Christmas cards contains 10 mini cards (2 each of 5 designs). They have pop out features e.g. scarfs, arms, wings etc and there is a space on the back of the card for the artist to add their name.

These cards are perfect for children to colour in during the weeks before Christmas and send to their friends or to family members. Also a great gift for grandparents to send to their grandchildren. My customers who are teachers have bought these to use for end of term seasonal activities – perfect for the children to give to their parents.

Cost is £3.50 per pack so that’s only 35p per card.

Order code XCP001 for the snowman, gingerbread man, reindeer, Santa and Christmas tree dress-up or XCP005 for the nativity character version.

The colour-in range has expanded from the introduction of the first paper tablecloth to include more tablecloth designs, mini cards, thank you postcards, frieze panels and cards, posters, bunting and now nativity finger puppets.


XCP005 Colour in Christmas Nativity Cards
XCP001 Colour in Christmas Cards Characters Pop Out

Country Christmas Card

xs32 christmas country cottage christmas cards

Christmas Cottage XS32

Traditional country cottage surrounded by snow is what many people associate with Christmas time. Imagine a fire blazing in the hearth, a roast in the oven and it getting dark early in the evening. Can you see the Christmas lights twinkling at the downstairs windows? Perhaps the family are gathered around the fire on Christmas Eve reading traditional tales?

Even some of my customers from Australia and New Zealand prefer to send snow covered scenes despite it being the height of summer! Especially those expats like me ha ha ha! Although I do love our koala’s playing cricket this year.

Consider this design XS32 Christmas Cottage at £2.75 for a pack of 8 cards.


Farm Scene Advent Calendar Christmas Card

xm101 farmhouse advent calendar card

Farmhouse Advent Calendar Card XM101

Farmhouse country Christmas scene is more than a Christmas card it’s a mini advent calendar. Make sure you order in plenty of time to send so it arrives in time for the 1st of December.

Consider this design XM101 Farmhouse, a delightful advent calendar card. Cost is £2.50 per card. They are a good size at 6x6″ so plenty of room for the 24 little windows to have images to reveal each day.

Sending an advent calendar card means the receiver get to have a little surprise every day in the lead up to the excitement that is Christmas Eve. There are a number of designs to choose from so plenty of choice for all the special people on your Christmas list.

These advent calendar cards can be personalised for business clients. *minimum order applies of 500






Over 500 charities have benefited since 1995 from the sale of Phoenix Trading Christmas cards.

Phoenix Trading charity donation
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