Thank You Greeting Cards

Flamingo Paperie offer more than just birthday card designs in their range! Packs of Thank You cards are available as notecards. You can also buy individual thank you cards in bulk and receive a discount – see details below. Mix & Match designs to suit your needs or buy all the same of your favourite design, the choice is yours.

  • If you spend over £30 online your order will qualify for free UK shipping!

With over 400 designs to choose from there really is a card for every occasion!

Each product has a unique identity code and description. Products can be ordered online from the UK via my Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner website. Greeting card designs are just £2.00 each.

  • Save 20% when you order 10 cards* or more! Card price reduces to £1.60 each!

*Don’t have to be multiples of the same design unless you want them to be!

buy 10 cards and save with phoenix trading

Packs of Thank You Cards UK

It is so easy to by packs of thank you cards from the UK via my Independent Partner website.

Spend over £30 and your order will qualify for free P&H!

If you’re keen to see some designs before you head off I will share some below – there are always lots of designs to choose from. Saying thank you for many reasons is so important and something we in the greeting card industry encourage. A card doesn’t have to have Thank You in big red letters on the front to be a thoughtful sentiment.

When choosing a design consider what the recipient loves to do. Did they help you with the shopping, gardening or to move house? Has someone helped you learn to drive, learn a new language or decorate your home? Perhaps you have been unwell and a neighbour has been taking your dog for a walk every day?

Are you encouraging your children to say thank you to friends and family for their birthday or Christmas gifts? Check out the colour-in Christmas Thank You cards in this post I wrote about the Christmas colour-in range of products including nativity & Xmas character pop out cards, tablecloths, posters, bunting, finger puppets and more…!

With over 400 designs in the range and new designs added 4 to 5 times a year you will always be able to find the perfect card. Flamingo Paperie greeting cards are blank on the inside so you can write your personal message to say thank you. Cats, dogs, chocolates, cakes, flowers, seaside scenes, cars, butterflies, gardening, sports…oh the list is too long!

packs of thank you cards uk trio collage

Packs of Thank You Cards (Images)

Anyway, here’s a few images of packs of Thank You notecards. There are 10 5x7″ cards in each pack with designs printed on the same excellent quality board used for the greeting cards. Each pack contains 10 envelopes sometimes white, while other packs may have a contrasting colour to complement the design. White, cream, red, blue, green or yellow envelopes for example. Envelope colours are stated on my website so no surprises!

Visit my shopping website and type thank you into the search box and all currently available designs will be visible to order. Or you can choose the stationery tab and select notecards to bring up additional designs. If you know the code type that in instead – it’s often quicker!

fairy thank you card
TY110 Flower Pots Thank You Cards
XC65 Christmas Bunnies Thank You Notecards
ty75 ladybird thank you
ty91 packs of thank you cards uk presents notecards
TY109 Football Party Thank You
TY107 Pencils thank you
TY108 Wheels Thank You Notecards
ty102 Thank you for thank you

Thank You Postcard or Notecards

If you would like to order or check the availability of any of the thank you notecard designs featured above you will find these codes useful. Notecards are 5x7″ or 178x127mm in size unless otherwise stated. A number of designs are square and 5x5″ or 127x127mm

Cost is £4.50 for a pack of 10 with envelopes.

  • Star, Squeak and Dot Thank You (TY104) – cream envelopes
  • TY95 Thank You Doggie – white envelopes
  • Tea Party Thank You (TY105) – cream envelopes
  • TY91 Presents Thank You – cream envelopes
  • Carrier Bags Thank You (TY103) – light pink envelopes
  • TY109 Football Party Thank You – dark green envelopes
  • Pencils Thank You (TY107) – light blue envelopes
  • TY110 Flower Pots Thank You Cards – ribbed kraft envelopes (brown)
  • TY108 Wheels Thank You Notecards – blue envelopes
  • XC65 Christmas Bunnies Thank You Notecards -blue envelopes
  • TY75 Ladybird Thank You – black envelopes (5x5″)
  • Thank You for…Thank You notecards (TY102) – white envelopes (5x5″)

*On visiting my website you may find some designs are not available and other newly released ones are…apologies for any inconvenience!

Thank You Mini Gift Cards

Two designs up next are actually smaller than a regular greeting card. They are part of the Phoenix Trading mini gift card range. Price is just 90p per card. Size is 3 1/4 x 4 1/4″ : 83 x 110mm.

Order code B036 for Twit Twoo Thank You (the really cute little owl) or B025 for Doggie Thank You (also cute).

B036 twit twoo thank you owl card
B025 doggie thank you card

Colour In Christmas Thank You Cards

Pack of 10 colour-in Christmas postcards with white envelopes. There are 2 each of the 5 designs. Postcards are 127 x 178mm. The code to order is XCP002 Children’s Thank You Colour-in Notecards and the cost is just £3.50 per pack. Cute pop-out features!



XCP002 Colour In Thank You Christmas Notecards (pack of 10 – 5 designs)




Thank You Blue Flowers Greeting Card

Order code:WS328

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)




WS435 Thank You Very Much Greeting Card


Thank You Very Much Greeting Card

Order code:WS435

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)


S259 Thank You Super teacher Greeting Card


Thank You Super Teacher Greeting Card

Order code:S259

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)


ws464 big hug Thank You Greeting Card


Big Hug Greeting Card

Order code: WS464

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)


ws464 big hug Thank You Greeting Card


Thinking of You & Sending a Smile Greeting Card

Order code: WS446

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)


ws464 big hug Thank You Greeting Card


Thinking of You Daisies Greeting Card

Order code: WS458

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)


WS474 friends like you


Friends Like You Greeting Card

Order code: WS474

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)


WS479 just for you


Just For You Greeting Card

Order code: WS479

£1.75 each

£1.40 each (buy 10 or more)


Occasions Gift Tags or Labels


GP08 Black’n’White labels for £6.50

I just had to include this box of labels in this post about Thank You greeting cards.

The labels have printed messages and come with black’n’white ribbon for attaching to gifts. Perfect for wine bottle, bunches of flowers etc..please share your ideas in the comments or send me an image. I would love to add your image to this post!

  • Thank You, For You, Happy Birthday, With Love

Box contains 20 labels with black & white grosgrain ribbon, 5 each of the 4 designs/texts. Labels are sized 4 x 2″ : 100 x 55mm. £6.50 per box!



Please forgive me for not being able to show you actual packs of thank you cards! From time to time Phoenix Trading release special limited edition box sets of greeting cards. We have had a set for Thinking of You Week, a seaside themed boxed set, a floral themed set and also a fabulous value charity boxed set!

It is simply a matter of time before they release a pack of thank you themed greeting cards to the UK Phoenix fans!

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L288 Thank you greeting card
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