Age Birthday Card Selection

Most of the everyday greeting cards from the Flamingo Paperie range are blank on the inside. Find the perfect greeting card design and personalise as any age birthday card. Or choose from the brand new selection – click image below to view and shop online.

There was a new release in July 2018 with some age specific designs, family cards and caption cards. Register for my email newsletters so you don’t miss the announcement of the next release. The Customer Club with special offers is due to launch soon – another reason to stay in touch with me.

Age Birthday Cards Flamingo Paperie

Cost to buy an Age Card from Flamingo Paperie?

If you’re in the UK you can order you cards (gift wrap and note cards) online and have them delivered direct to your door for £3.50 P&H. NB delivery is free when you spend over £30! If you are not in the UK please contact me for International options. I have team members in Australia, New Zealand and France who will be happy to help.

Bunny First Birthday Card

Greeting cards cost £2 per card. Save 20% per card when you Mix’n’Match 10 or more greeting card designs from the 250+ designs in the current range.There are 4 to 5 new releases per year!

AGE and CAPTION cards released July 2018!

Click to view brochure and check shopping site for availability.

Find the perfect card and a number sticker! In the past (as Phoenix Trading) we had Age Cards by Alison Hullyer

View the entire range available by clicking the BUY NOW button links. Click to view 2018 brochure.

Vintage Wine Dad Birthday Card

Choosing the perfect age card?

You may have already spent hours browsing the card aisles at the local supermarket, reading captions and verses. Just haven’t found the perfect age card, or maybe seeing lots of the same designs repeated in different shops? Choosing one of the 250+ designs from the Flamingo Paperie range will ensure your card stands out from all the others. Why? Because Flamingo Paperie Greeting Cards are not available to purchase on the UK High Street. Dare to be different!

View the entire range available by clicking the BUY NOW button links. Click to view 2018 brochure.

Design below is: FP6024 CAKE! It’s by Amanda Loverseed and is a large 6x6″ or 152x152mm design with POP UP Happy Birthday candles. Number stickers for the age would sit perfectly on the red and white spotted ribbon, or as a cake topper or on the base – get creative!

Happy Birthday Cake Age Birthday Card

Happy 1st Birthday card?

A first birthday is one big milestone. Cake smash photo shoots are increasing in popularity so I’ve chosen a large pink cupcake with one candle for the girls. The giraffe and crocodile designs both have cakes (or a slice) with one candle on top so they make great choices for a 1st birthday card too. Top Tip: Click on images to enlarge for details.

Giraffe 1st Birthday Card
Pink Cupcake First Birthday Card
Snappy Crocodile First Birthday Card
100th Birthday Card

100th Birthday card?

From a first birthday to 100 years old is a rather impressive life! How do you choose a 100th Birthday Card?

As well as a telegram from the Queen how about this 100th birthday card with a difference! My Gran was 90 last year!

Count the candles!!!  (design is code: L312 Birthday Candles)

Tip: Enlarge image if you can’t see all 100 of them and to check my counting!

Remember: Greeting cards cost £2 each, but you can save 20% on cards buy selecting 10 or more from the 250+ designs available! Plus, shipping is free when you spend over £30 on your online order. (UK shipping only). Please contact me or explore website for International options including from my team in Australia, New Zealand or France.

More Milestone Age Birthday Card Choices?

So, 1st and 100th birthdays are pretty important milestones to choose an age birthday card for. More milestone age birthday card choices coming up in this post for men and women, boys and girls. I think 13th, 18th, 21st and 40th should be next!

13th Birthday Cards for Boys and Girls

What do teenagers like? What will they appreciate on a birthday card? Do they hobbies? What are they interested in? Perhaps look for a card that shows their interests e.g football, golf, baking, gaming, sewing, flower arranging etc… As none of the Flamingo Paperie greeting cards have messages printed in them they can be used as cards for all occasions. The following cards are just examples for inspiration – there are 250+ designs to choose from in the whole range with more to be added each new release.

13th birthday card for a boy = A121 Gaming Sofa

13th birthday card for a girl = A217 To the Birthday Girl

13th Birthday Card A217 Birthday Girl
13th Birthday Card A121 Gaming Sofa Boys
16th Birthday Card S284 Birthday Backpack

16th Birthday Cards for Girls – Ideas?

Pink, boots, flowers = perfect for girls 16th birthday cards?

I know my soon to be 8 year old would love the FP6017 Pink Boot design by artist Lorraine Duff though as a DM fan!

16th Birthday Card FP6017 Pink Boot

The other 16th birthday cards design idea is S284 Birthday Backpack.

Reminder: cards cost just £2 each, but buy 10 or more and save 20%

Click the buy now button below to shop! Remember to click images to enlarge for more detail.

16th Birthday Card A270 Great Day

16th Birthday Cards for Boys?

This is a boy/unisex 16th birthday cards design idea as the person’s head has been omitted. Girls like to skateboard, ride bikes and play football too! Other designs within the range aimed at teenage boys are a rock band, vintage cars, football themed designs and musical instrument or band designs. Again, check out the images on my shopping site as many are for boys or girls and not necessarily confined to being 16th birthday cards! Click image to enlarge.

18th Birthday Cards and 21st Birthday Card Selection

For 18th birthday cards and as a 21st birthday card a celebration is in order. So, the next selection of cards all have a wine, beer or spirit theme. Enjoy and if you like these there are more designs to choose from when you shop online (delivery to UK address for £3.50 – free P&H applies when you spend over £30).

18th Birthday Card Prosecco is for Life
18th Birthday Card Cheers WS299
21st Birthday Card Pass me the Prosecco FP5014
21st Birthday Card Cheers for Beers FP6028

40th Birthday Cards (Men & Women)

A 40th birthday is a bit of a milestone probably more so than 30 years old. So, what designs can I share with you as 40th birthday cards? Well that are lots of floral cards or humourous weight loss designs to choose from for the ladies and hobby cards for the men e.g. golf, football etc. Here’s just three examples – please do check out the whole range – it’s easy to search on my shopping site using keywords.

40th Birthday Card
40th Birthday Card A125 Pies and Lattes, not Pilates!
40th Birthday Card A254 Walking Bag

50th Birthday Cards (Men & Women)

A 50th birthday is deserving of a special celebratory card. How about some Champagne?

A228 Champagne by artist Amanda Loverseed

50th Birthday Card A228 Champagne

60th Birthday Cards (Men & Women)

A lot of people retire around their 60th birthday – so I chose this fabulous Cut Thru’ Cruise Ship greeting card to share with you. So many people spend a lot of time saving for their retirement cruise. It’s humorous and packed with detail by artist Amanda Loverseed. Do click on the image to enlarge and search for her signature snails!

FP7002 Cut Thru’ Cruise Ship by artist Amanda Loverseed

60th Birthday Card FP7002 Cut Thru' Cruise Ship

70th, 80th, 90th Birthday Cards for Women

I have a particularly active 90 year old grandmother and I have sent this to her for birthdays in the past. She is incredibly independent, still living in her council flat (no lift) and walks every day. Still does her own groceries, she’s so strong and an amazing woman. She loves to dance every Saturday night at her local bowling club. This age birthday card reminds me of her!

L253 When I grow old…

70th 80th 90th Birthday Card L253 When I Grow Old...

70th, 80th, 90th Birthday Cards for Men

My father is still under 70 but loves his gardening, taking the caravan for a trip or doing a spot of DIY. We have had caravan designs and DIY designs as greeting cards in the past with Phoenix Trading and I await each new design release eagerly for new deisgns. This age birthday card reminds me of him and his naps after working hard in the garden in New Zealand where they had chickens, sheep and cows, and grew a lot of their own vegetables, nuts and fruits.

A106 Having A Rest…

70th 80th 90th Birthday Card A106 having a rest
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