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3D Birthday Cards

These wonderful artist designed Create-A-Scene cards are pop up cards UK available. They are so much more than regular 3D birthday cards as they can be displayed and played with. 3D pop up cards that stimulate the imagination through creative play. Each card has characters and scenery that gently pop out of the back of the card. Fold back the little tabs to stand the parts up and away you go. Some scenes have an opening door or drawbridge for real 3D play!

Pop Up Cards UK

Fairy Door – A 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

There are currently six designs available in the Create-A-Scene greetings card range available to order online in the UK.

  1. Mermaid Palace (order code:A261)
  2. Dinosaurs World (order code:A262)
  3. Fairy Door (order code:A227)
  4. Dragon Castle (order code:A241)
  5. Wizard School (order code:A248)
  6. Woodland Party (order code:A230)

Priced at just £2.00 each they are fabulous value.

Choose 10 or more greetings cards from over 250 designs (not all 3D or pop-up though!) and you will save 20% and pay just £1.60 per card. Bonus: spend more than £30 and you qualify for free shipping, saving a further £3.50!

Would you like to see more 3D Pop Up Cards?

Let’s take a look at 2 more of the designs: Wizard School and Dragon Castle. It’s really hard for me to pick a favourite from the 3D pop up cards but I do love DRAGONS! With the popularity of the Harry Potter series of books and movies you can see why the Wizard School design is very popular among our customers. Knights, castles and dragons are really great too and also popular with all ages of boys and girls, men and women. These 3D pop up cards are in no way the reserve of children alone!

3D Pop Up Cards Wizard School
3D Pop Up Cards Dragon Castle

Pop Up Greeting Cards

Just a note here that most of these Pop Up Greeting Cards don’t have HAPPY BIRTHDAY printed on them (woodland animal design does). I think this is great so you’re not restricted to giving them only as 3D birthday cards but can use them for any occasion. Each 3D card is blank on the inside for your personalisation. I have even had customers buy multiples to use them as rather delightful party invitations. Each card comes with a quality white envelope. To use as invitations take advantage of the 20% discount when you buy 10 or more cards from an Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner (me) to reduce the £2 card price to just £1.60 per card! While you’re on my website add a few more cards to your basket (19 in total) and you qualify for free shipping on your order to a UK address.

Pop Up Dinosaur Birthday Card or Mermaids?

Click images below to open a large version and check out the details in the Mermaid Palace and Dinosaurs World (dinosaur birthday card) designs.

Pop Up Greeting Cards Mermaid Palace
Pop Up Greeting Cards Dinosaurs World

Woodland Animals Greeting Card

These cute woodland animals can be played with around their tree house. Great for little imaginations!

I think it’s squirrel’s birthday as fox and rabbit are the ones carrying presents.

Note: this 3D greeting card does have a Happy Birthday sign on the door

Click image to view more of the range and order!

3D Greeting Cards Woodland Animals Happy Birthday

See more Pop Up Cards UK available?

Note: Not all designs in link above may be available – please view shopping site to view current range of Pop Up Cards and 3D Greeting Cards available to order from a UK address. Outside of UK, please contact me for options.

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