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You can now order from the fantastic Flamingo Paperie greeting cards Christmas range. These designs were destined to be Phoenix Trading Christmas Cards, advent calendars and advent cards. When Phoenix Trading closed down Flamingo Paperie secured some of the design licenses and printed them. Orders can be shipped by me to your United Kingdom address. If you are in Australia or New Zealand you will need one of my team.

NEWSFLASH – you can now order Flamingo Paperie!!!

Click the link below to view the Christmas range and contact me as soon as possible with your wishlist to order. View the How to Buy page, use the Contact Me form or just send me an email at samantha@lovecutestationery.com

A little bit of Flamingo Paperie History

Let me tell you a little bit about Flamingo paperie greeting cards and the connection with Phoenix Trading. You may have landed on my website and stationery blog looking for Phoenix Trading designs? I was a Phoenix Trader for 7 years. I use this site to share my love of cute stationery, in particular the Phoenix Trading range. Sadly, Phoenix Trading has closed down (see info below). BUT…….FLAMINGO PAPERIE greeting cards have launched! Please do sign up to my Flamingo Paperie newsletter so I can keep you informed on the new Flamingo Paperie greeting cards business launching fully in January 2018.

Phoenix Trading was in business for over 22 years. My dream is that Flamingo Paperie Greeting Cards will grow from strength to strength and continue my love affair with quality greeting cards. If you would like to be a part of this growth and start your own business as an Independent Flamingo Partner then send me a message for more details or check out the Join my Team page.

Can I Join Flamingo Paperie?

An option does exist to join as a wholesale partner with Flamingo Paperie greeting cards – but only until the end of November. However, recruitment will open up again for new partners when the business launches fully in January 2018. For latest information please visit the Join Flamingo Paperie page. Oh and remember to sign up to my newsletter for all the latest news from Flamingo Paperie.

Can I Order Flamingo Paperie Greeting Cards?

Yes, click the link below to view the current online brochure and contact me for ordering options.

Can I order Flamingo Paperie Greeting Cards online?

Not yet….but the NEW Customer Club is set to launch in January 2018 along with online ordering. SIgn up to my newsletter and be one of the first to find out the launch dates and details. Never miss out on special offers and new product releases!

In the meantime, check out the online brochure links, write a wishlist and contact me for how to order. Payment can be made via PayPal (credit card or Paypal funds if you have them) or by Internet banking. Email me: samantha@lovecutestationery.com

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Phoenix Trading Closing Down Sale

Sadly it’s true, after 22 years Phoenix Trading is closing down!

I have been an Independent Phoenix Trader for the past 7 years. I fell in love with the designs and the quality and have benefited so much from the company in these years. Many new friends, a business of my own and quality, exclusive stationery and greeting cards to send to my friends and family. I was my own very best customer. I have had a fabulous time sharing the business opportunity with others and helping them with their own businesses. There are around 10,000 very sad traders across the UK, New Zealand and Australia this week.

The company went in to the administration process and sadly the decision has been made by the administrators to close down Phoenix Trading. I don’t know what else to say at this stage other than grab your favourite designs and products before they are no longer available. Deadline for online sales via my UK website is 15th August. You may be able to secure stock from Phoenix Traders after this date but no new lines will be available and I do not carry any stock anymore as no longer doing markets.

There is talk of a new greeting card business to rise from the ashes (just like a Phoenix) and if I can be a part of that I will. So watch this space for future announcements because the future is brighter than it looks!

If you are in Australia or New Zealand you can order from one of my team – please contact me asap for a website link. (NZ customers please click New Zealand to buy from my Mum).

I wonder if you love stationery as much as I do?

Quality greeting cards with fantastic designs for insane prices!

Phoenix Trading is not just about their greeting cards, although there are over 400 greeting cards designs to choose from in the current brochure!

Stationery sets, gift boxes, giftwrap & tags, games, ribbons, paper chains and so much more…take a look at the latest Phoenix Trading brochure for the UK!

Click on the three images below to enlarge or follow the links below:

  1. Contact me about hosting an online Facebook party, visit my Facebook page
  2. Information about joining as an Independent Phoenix Trader in the UK
  3. Link to the post about some of the lovely new designs and products

Where are Phoenix Trading products sold?

The Phoenix Trading range is not available in stores in the United Kingdom or France. You may have seen some of the range in a few small, niche businesses in Australia and New Zealand due to the recent introduction of the Business Customer program which is now expanding around the World!

On this website you will find images and product reviews for the Phoenix trading range. In addition there is information about the various options for signing up for a wholesale account as either an Independent Phoenix Trader like me or as a business customer. If you live in New Zealand, Australia, France or the United Kingdom then you can become a trader. Elsewhere you will need to look at registering as a business customer.

There are millions of cute stationery lovers in the world, you and me are just two of them!


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