St Davids Day Greeting Cards

Symbols for Wales include a red dragon, daffodils and leeks. Do you send St Davids Day greeting cards?

Here’s a couple of greeting cards with dragons for St David’s Day, remembering the day the patron saint of Wales died.

  • Cut Thru’ School for Dragons (code: A169)
  • Dragon Castle (code: A241)

How much do Phoenix Trading greeting cards cost?

£1.75 each or only £1.40 each when you choose 10 or more cards (same or different – you choose).
Free delivery for all orders over £25 or order up to 25 cards and pay just £2.50 delivery (delivery is £4 for all other orders)
Order online from the UK at

Image below is just one of the 400+ Phoenix Trading greeting cards that feature daffodils. There is a wide range of floral cards and other designs to choose from and a few others have daffodils on them. We always have dragons – they are very popular!

Who was Saint David?

The 1st March is believed to be the day that David died in 589 CE.  Since the 12th Century the Welsh people have celebrated St Davids Day. Traditional Welsh symbols of daffodils and leeks are worn by people born in Wales or of Welsh decent. Many towns in Wales celebrate with parades.

Saint David was born into an aristocratic family and was a great teacher, helping to spread Christian teachings. He founded a Celtic monastic community at Glyn Rhosyn (The Vale of Roses) on the western headland of Pembrokeshire, where St David’s Cathedral stands today. During his lifetime he also helped found about 12 monasteries. He was canonised by Pope Callixtus II in 1120.

Why leeks as a symbol for Wales?

The wearing of leeks is thought to have arisen due to a need for identifying Welsh troops from an invading troop of the English enemy (believed to be Saxons). As they were dressed in similar clothing, the Welsh fighters wore a leek so they could be identified during battle.

I could not find a Phoenix Trading greeting card in the current range featuring a leek. In the past I remember a design called, The Growers’ and I’m sure one of them was holding a leek. However, there are always gardening and farming themed greeting cards in the range. The design below is actually a sheet of giftwrap and yes you can buy the card and tag to match.

In The Garden giftwrap GWF178 for £1.25 a sheet, the tag is a pair of green gumboots or wellington boots and cost 50p each.

Please let me know in the comments if you spot leeks in this image. I can only see carrots, cabbage and peas!

I do hope you have enjoyed my selection of St Davids Day greeting cards? Post updates will be made as new designs are released. Depending in when you find my post, I apologise if any designs are no longer available in the current range. View my website to order, thanks!

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