London Greeting Card

I decided to share this image of Phoenix Trading’s London greeting card a day after the Westminster attack in London. I was shocked when the news reports started to come in that someone had driven across Westminster bridge knocking over pedestrians. The driver ultimately lost his life after being shot by police, but not before he took the life of a policeman trying to stop him from injuring more people. Too many lost their lives that day to this man and many more lives are changed forever.

I prefer to think about sending greeting cards for happy occasions and to share good memories. Sadly, one of the biggest occasions people send greeting cards is as sympathy or bereavement cards when a loved one dies.

Can we create a wave of happiness through the UK and further across the world by sending messages of support?

London Town Greeting Card

Occasions where customers have sent this card before is when they have had a friend visit London from overseas. Then sent them this card with memories recorded that they shared in London. Other times a teenager has left home to attend college or university in London. The parents have sent this card with good luck wishes for their studies, usually with cash inside!

Other customers have simply bought this card to frame it. Most of the 400+ Phoenix Trading greeting card designs are frame worthy and make great gifts!

For what occasion would you send this London greeting card?

London Town Order code: A263

How much do Phoenix Trading cards cost?

Over 400 designs to choose from priced at just £1.75 per greeting card.

Is there a bulk buy Phoenix Trading discount?

YES – just purchase 10 or more greeting cards and pay just £1.40 per card.

Can I buy Phoenix Cards online?

YES – click the BIG button below to order from the United Kingdom for delivery to a UK address.

For all other countries see further details on my How To Buy Phoenix cards online page!

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NEWSFLASH: There is similar design for PARIS, yes that’s right a Paris greeting card from Phoenix Trading! You did know we have Phoenix Traders selling our designs in France didn’t you? I’m looking for new traders to join my team in the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. Outside these four countries there are options for International Business Customers. Just ask!

Thanks for sharing

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