Why send an I Miss U greeting card?

To say I miss you, to let someone you care about know that you were thinking of them.

Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or someone’s birthday to say I Miss You with a card.

There are a number of suitable greeting card designs that you could choose to use as I miss u cards.

Surprise them on any random day of the year and brighten up their letterbox with a written note from you!

Choose your favourite greeting card design and send it to share with others. Or choose a design you know they will love to receive. So many Phoenix Trading greeting cards are worthy of framing and displaying for all to see.

Bonus: they are all blank on the inside so can easily be personalised for any occasion or just because.

a258 recipe for friendship greeting card

Recipe for Friendship (A258)

Recipe for Friendship?

  • Fun
  • Generosity
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Laughter
  • Memories

Is this the perfect card to celebrate your friendship?

Order code: A258 Recipe for Friendship for just £1.75 per greeting card

Save 20% when you buy 10 cards or more and pay just £1.40 per card!



Sometimes, when you can’t be there in person you need to send a virtual hug.

Order code: WS464 Big Hug for just £1.75 per greeting card

Save 20% when you buy 10 cards or more and pay just £1.40 per card!

Order online from the UK at www.lovecutestationery.co.uk


Can I buy Phoenix Trading greeting cards in bulk?


Just choose 10 or more cards and pay only £1.40 per card (RRP £1.75 per card).

Take a look at this selection of Phoenix Trading greeting card designs I put together in this post for you to say:



Jump on over to my Phoenix Trader website and order online for direct shipping to your UK address.

Order up to 25 cards and pay just £2.50 P&H, but spend over £25 and receive FREE shipping!


I Miss You Greeting Card?

Who would you send a greeting card to just to say I Miss You?

Maybe they have moved away, maybe your partner is working away and you miss them so much.

It can be so hard on a relationship, friend, family or lover when you are separated by distance. Maybe, they are so far away from you that you can’t even drive to visit them. My Dad was in the Navy and was away for months at a time when me and my younger brother were little. My parents used to write regular letters to each other. This was in the days before email, google hangouts and Skype calls. Mum used black paper and a silver pen and used to write SWALK on the back of her envelopes along the seal.

Comment if you know what SWALK means.

I have a collection of postcards my Dad used to send me from places he visited on his travels!

Miss U Cards for Friends?

There are a couple of greeting card designs above you may find suitable as I miss u cards for your friends. There are more….!

A simple thinking of you card, I love you card or a card that signifies your friendship. I love the Friends are like wine, they get better with age card below. Sure I read somewhere that if you are friends with someone for more than 10 years then your friendship will likely last a lifetime. That’s a lot of shared bottles of wine!

Remember: Just choose 10 or more cards and pay only £1.40 per card (RRP £1.75 per card).

Cute Miss You Cards

Sometimes you may want to send just a short message to say you are missing someone or thinking about them.

In that case the small gift cards are perfect!

Priced at 70p each when you buy 10 or more (RRP 90p each)

Here’s four gift card designs perfect for sharing with friends xxx

Top Tip: Click images to enlarge xxx

Sorry You’re Leaving or You Will Be Missed Cards

January, the New Year is always a time for change! How many people return to work after the Christmas break and decide to quit their jobs because they’re bored or miserable or just need a change?

This design is generic and therefore suitable for male or female colleagues.

Visit my website to check for other suitable designs including retirement cards.

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